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6th Form

Curriculum Information for Sixth Form

Note: If you are not sure who your child’s teacher is for certain subjects or what option subjects your child is studying then please contact your child's form tutor for more information.


English (Mr Sullivan and Mr Battersby):

This term, learners will be revising for the Cambridge English language iGCSE and then completing the exam. 


English literature (Dr Csengei):

This term, learners will be revising for the Edexcel English literature iGCSE. We will start with poetry, followed by Shakespeare and An Inspector Calls. Learners will be getting regular revision and homework activities to complete, mainly in the form of poetry annotations and short essay questions. 


English A level (Dr Csengei)

In this term we will finish studying the 3rd act of All My Sons, followed by practising answering the exam question on the play. During the first half term we will also be revising all topics for the A level exams, starting with the Voices Anthology, followed by the unseen paper, then the two literature texts. In addition, regular independent writing activities will be set as homework. 


Maths (Mr Stephen):

Revision during the summer term typically involves practising a wide range of word problems, completing past papers, and identifying areas where additional support may be needed. Learners may also seek guidance from teachers, utilise online resources, and work through revision guides to strengthen their skills and confidence ahead of the exam.


Option Subjects.


Chemistry. Physics and Biology GCSE  

This term, we have continued with tailored revision to address and support any gaps learners may have in preparation for the June exams.


History GCSE (Mr Miller): 

In History this term, we will be covering the remaining part of the course: Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91 and revising exam technique for the different types of exam questions.


Creative Digital Media (CDM) (Mr Rowntree):

Learners are working towards theory for their Digital Media Audiences & Sectors unit in preparation for their mock exams in June. They will also be working on the Planning and Pitching unit which is their second mandatory unit, which requires them to prepare for creating their Tentlee Tea advertisement in Autumn 2024.


Art (Mrs Easton): 

Bronze Art award learners are working on their Polyblock printing Japanese style prints as well as creating a stencil to work with the visiting felt artist. 

Silver Art award learners are producing their research tasks, finishing evaluations for their individually chosen projects and continuing with their individual projects. They are also creating a stencil to work with the visiting spray artist.


Sociology GCSE (Ms Porter):

This term we are exploring the social class system in the UK (stratification). This part of the course looks at the Functionalist, Marxist and Feminist perspectives on the social class system. We also combine our current learning with the prior knowledge that the learners have from the sociology of the family and education. The learners will sit an internal assessment at the beginning of July. 


BTEC Sport (Mr Green): 

Learners in BTEC sport will be finishing their unit 6 assignment work around sports leadership and how sports leaders conduct themselves. Moving on from this, learners will be completing the Unit 1 exam and will be revising for this. Learners will be learning how to break down, answer and understand exam questions to support them during the exam.


Computer Science (Mr Arnold): 

As some learners will be taking the AS level exam this summer and others not, some learners will be concentrating on their exam preparation in the first half term. Otherwise, learners will spend the term preparing for the practical project they will commence at the start of next year, by learning to create graphical user interfaces and understanding analysis and design methods.


ICT year 12  (Mr Arnold):

We will be researching and gaining skills to make a Digital Audio Product, which will be one of the four modules to be completed as part of the BTEC qualification. We will analyse the features of audio products such as podcasts or music recordings, before designing our own and making it. We will be using sound equipment including microphones and recording devices and need to practise using different types to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each.


ICT year 13 (Mr Arnold):

We are working to produce a Digital Portfolio which will showcase each learner’s skills, qualities and aspirations. This is one of the four modules that will be taken as a part of the BTEC qualification. There will be some skill development, to allow the creation of a simple website with multiple pages, plus a major focus on making this fit for purpose in a professional environment. 


Mandarin Chinese (Ms Tang):

We are currently working towards the China Youth Test 3. We will focus on building full sentences with improved knowledge of the structures of different sentence types, which involve comparatives, duplicate verbs, and common tenses (past tense, past perfect, present simple, future tense, present continuous). Building on previous Mandarin language skills, topics will become more interactive and contextual: making invitations, asking for directions, making suggestions, and using hedging devices. As for using the language, we attempt to create an environment where learners can apply their Mandarin language, e.g. taking a trip to a Chinese restaurant in Cambridge.

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