A selection of some of the many compliments the school have received 


‘Your email has made me cry and given me such a proud Mam moment.  I’m not used to receiving positive feedback at all. Thank you so much! ‘C’ loves his new school and we are also seeing a positive difference in him!’

‘Thank you so much for everything you have done for our son.  You gave him belief in himself as a learner and the tools to put it into action.  We believe you have changed the course of his life and we will never be able to express the extent of our gratitude to you.’

‘Thank you for everything you have done for my son. He’s a changed boy since he started college and I have you to thank for it. It’s been a rough ride but the future is looking bright for him.’

‘Miss Eva has done a magnificent job with our son. We cannot speak highly enough about her teaching of him. I think she has been one of those teachers that make a real difference. Forest School is such a brilliant idea, and I admit that I was sceptical at first, but it has proved to be a magical environment for him.’

Summer Production

‘A massive big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the teachers and staff of the school for giving my grandaughter her life back. Thanks to you she has excelled so much this year and to watch her this afternoon in the production was fantastic.  Lots of tears and laughter, well done to all.’

Sports Day

‘Thank you so much to all at Gretton who worked hard to pull off a lovely sports day afternoon.’

‘Sports day was amazing! Was so happy to see how comfortable J is at school.  We have never seen him this at ease or relaxed outside of his own home.  Makes every second of fighting to get him to Gretton worthwhile.’

Student progress

‘I’m thankful once again that S has an amazing teacher who understands him. I can’t thank you enough for how you listen and deal with S’s issues and help him develop.’

‘Once Z is in school he doesn’t have any anxiety as he has his quiet room to go to, the teachers don’t make him feel anxious and he trusts them.’

'He has made a good bunch of friends and loves the school education environment which has seen him develop into a happier, calmer and more motivated boy who loves to learn at Gretton. As we have seen; it's the only setting that has been able to support and enable him to thrive.'

Quality of Teaching

‘Thank you so very much for the wonderful and inspiring teaching you have given to ‘M’ this year. It is a joy to see him beginning to fulfill his potential and grow in confidence in his abilities at last, as well as developing his love for language and writing.’


‘Absolutely brilliant…..this gives a really good idea of just how much is going on at the school. A great step forward in communication’

6th Form 

‘I think Gretton 6th form is the jewel in Gretton’s crown, it is a freeing experience which has allowed ‘K’ to start to shine’

Student Comments 

‘After being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome I was put into Gretton. This has single handedly been the most important thing to happen for my development as a student and a person. The school has helped with my social and communication skills greatly, going from not even leaving the house to visiting a university with another student. I feel that it was only with Gretton’s continued support that university has become a realistic opportunity for me.’

‘You guys have been a family to me, one that I needed, if I didn’t come to this school I would have never be as happy as I am now.  You guys came to me when my life was falling apart, now I have dreams and the skills to achieve them.’

‘Thank you all so much, without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today and I want to say a massive thank you to Mrs Warner for her support I would never be able to get my English especially at GCSE level (and maybe A level) so thank you again for your on-going support and commitment.  Thank you also to Mrs Myles for being on this journey with me from when I started at Gretton and yes I did start to cry hearing how far we have all come together and how I am now is because of you guys, mum and all the Gretton staff.’

Local Authority Comments

'Prior to Gretton, this student was at another special school and we feel that they experienced a further lot of trauma at that school; since being at Gretton, they have become happy, regulated, contained, positive, developing pro-social behaviour and seeing themselves as a mentor to others. I think, for the first time, they started to achieve academically.  Indeed, for the first time in their life, they have started to develop a positive self-image.  We take our hats off to you all at Gretton - your compassion in supporting this young person is exceptional.'

‘Thank you (staff member) and all the best for the future as you continue to develop your excellent provision.’

‘Thank you very much for being so welcoming last week.  It was great to see how the school works with autistic students.’

‘I just wanted to feedback on some of my personal experiences of visiting Gretton.  I have worked as a senior leader in several special schools over the last 20 years and have visited many more, and when I come to Gretton it is the one school that makes me consider whether I should return to teaching… The ethos and calmness of the school is incredible considering the high level of need of your children and young people.  The way I have seen behavioural incidents managed has been dignified and respectful.  Also the way in which I have observed staff communicate with young people and parents has been outstanding.  Although I do not visit often I have regular email contact with both Laura Lyles and Jacqui Storey.  I have to say their professionalism, support and communication is amazing – they help me out with any queries and are always available, which is great in order for us to work together well.  Thank you for all you continue to do with all my pupils.’

Parent Tour of School comments

‘Thank you for having us yesterday, we enjoyed our visit and was lovely to see the great facilities available and was wonderful to hear such great understanding and wide range of strategies being used to help children on the spectrum progress into happy independent young adults.’

‘Many thanks for showing me around on Tuesday, I really loved the atmosphere and ethos of your school. The staff I saw and met were amazing, so focused and dedicated.  I think your school would definitely suit my son and his needs as well as offering him opportunities and ensuring he reaches his full potential.’

‘Thank you for the open day last week, after seeing your school I cried when I got back in my car as I was finally given hope for the first time in years that my daughter could have a future.’

‘I was impressed with your school and the approach.’

‘Thanks so much for your lovely tour today. What a superb school and great opportunities for the young people. It was really heartening to see.’

‘Thank you for being so helpful and nice to all of us prospective parents on a hot day! What a lovely school and team, it was a pleasure to see it in action.’


‘I have to say it really was a refreshing change to have staff that really know what they are doing, and doing it right.’

‘Thank you so much for K’s assessment day. This morning, K woke up in his sleep and said “Mummy I was dreaming of being in Gretton School” I asked him why and his response was “because it is such a nice school, the teachers are very kind, I like the people there, I felt so calm and happy and I just loved all the outdoor space!” He has not stopped smiling ever since we left and for me, I have never seen him so happy.’

‘I’d just like to say your assessment team are amazing.  I think this is the most accurate and in depth insight into ‘J’ that we’ve ever had from any professional!  We have everything crossed that he will soon be joining your school.’

‘Please thank everyone on behalf of L and I for all you did yesterday at her assessment.  L was blown away!! In just one day you gave me my daughter back who has a sparkle I haven’t seen for so many years. Thank you!’

‘First of all thank you for making K feel so welcome, for the first time in a long time she came away feeling upbeat about a school, to do that is like a miracle! K felt both the staff and the other students were on her wavelength, she felt pretty overwhelmed but in a good way, it was great she could be herself! K said she would feel happy and safe at your school.’


‘Thank you for your time today and also the opportunity to view Gretton school on a busy working day. I was given a very warm welcome and informative tour and I got a really good feel of the profile of pupil you are able to support. I enjoyed a lovely lunch and got chatting with a couple of boys who were charming and very entertaining!  As I left, the blonder of the two called out to me, ‘Miss, Miss; Goodbye!’ and a big cheery wave!  It is certainly a school I would thoroughly recommend and if I had a child with ASC I would definitely want them to be supported at Gretton.’ – Independent Education Adviser

‘Thank you for welcoming me to Gretton School last Thursday. I was pleased with this great experience, I have learned a lot observing your highly skilled staff during the day.’ – Trainee Student Teacher

‘We visited the school today representing HCB Solicitors and were met by Ms Myles and Ms Lyles who were both very approachable and welcoming. We had a chat about the provision and were given lots of really helpful information. Ms Lyles then gave us a tour of the school and we were really impressed with the provision especially the sensory room which is a lovely space for pupils to get some quiet time if need be. The outdoor space is a definite plus and it was lovely to see that there is also the opportunity to ‘forest school’.  Ms Lyles was very informative and friendly. They made us feel very welcome and were able to answer any questions we had.’ – HCB Solicitors

‘I visited the school today as part of the WI.  It was a pleasure to be shown around the School and to meet the pupils and dedicated staff.  The enthusiasm and commitment of both staff and pupils was very evident.  I learned so much about the school and it’s aims.  Thank you for the opportunity and also the delicious lunch’ – Woman’s Institute

'I was delighted to spend the day at Gretton when I was delivering a talk for the students, and it's very obvious that the school does a lot of good for a lot of people, including those who may have been let down in previous settings. The staff were consistently friendly and I had a great time chatting to the students too! The school is quite clearly run with its students and their needs in mind: the staff's willingness and drive to accommodate students as comfortably as possible is quite clear in those students' outcomes' - Chris Bonnello

'Gretton School scooped the Education Business SEN Provision Award in recognition of the first class education it provides to children on the autism spectrum, and for taking care of the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff during the coronavirus pandemic.' - Angela Pisanu, Editor of Education Business Magazine

Facebook Reviews 

‘It is so unbelievably amazing to see our daughter come home from school happy and to see (after only two weeks) a glimmer of a self esteem begin to develop. Knowing she is in a school that knows how to cater for her complex needs (including her PDA profile) is such a relief. We are so lucky to be part of the Gretton community, it is a game changer for our whole family, not just our daughter and gives us all hope for a much brighter tomorrow.’

‘Brilliant school. The best decision ever for my son to go here.’

‘So thrilled to have found this amazing school, the last 8 weeks have been a true educational experience for all the family as to how with the right support children can and do thrive.  The staff have a fantastic collection of techniques, skills and knowledge to make sure the children feel valued, listened to and understood.  As the summer holidays start my son is already talking excitedly about September – something we never believed would happen!’

‘6 out of 5 stars from me! When we came to look around 2 years ago one of the students told us “this is the best school ever” and sure enough they were right. Gretton staff you are all amazing.’

‘We are discovering how to reinvent what success looks like with help of some very special people who change lives.’


‘A massive thank you to all the amazing teachers and staff at this fabulous school! It’s my Grandaughter’s first year at the school and what a transformation! Watching the brilliant end of term show on Wednesday brought lots of tears and laughter! A big big thank you to all the amazing teaching staff for giving my Grandaughter her life back.’


All parents are provided with the complaints policy in the Welcome Pack, this can also be found on the website.

A full copy of the complaints policy is also available from the school office, and all complaints are recorded and kept confidentially.

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Gretton School recieved 1 complaint which was resolved at stage 2.

Academic Year 2018 - 2019​

Gretton School received 41 complaints, 39 were resolved at the informal stage, 2 were resolved at panel.

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Gretton School received 5 complaints, 4 were resolved at the informal stage, 1 was resolved at panel.

Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Gretton School received 2 complaints, 1 was resolved at the informal stage, 1 was resolved at the formal written stage.

Academic Year 2015 – 2016 

Gretton School received 5 complaints, 1 were resolved at the informal stage, 4 were resolved at the formal written stage.

Academic Year 2014 – 2015

Gretton School received 11 complaints, 4 were resolved at the informal stage, 7 were resolved at the formal written stage.

Academic Year 2013 – 2014

Gretton School received 10 complaints, 2 were resolved at the informal stage, 8 were resolved at the formal written stage.

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