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My Half Term

By Sherlock Bones

Wow! I had such a busy week away from school. I’m still learning, so I got to visit lots of different people to help me grow in confidence. I’ve decided that I really like running around the garden, and especially love digging holes and jumping into paddling pools!

There have been so many different things that I’ve been getting used to. Have any of you heard of a vacuum cleaner before?! I definitely didn’t like it the first time I met it, and I had to be carried around while it was out and shouting. Now, I’m much braver. Sometimes I hide in my bed with Mr Elephant, or sometimes I bark at it. Miss Sellars told me I was a good boy when I went to sniff it the other day, so I’m obviously a really brave boy!

I like being told I’m a good boy. I now sit for my meals, and even for my toys! Sometimes I get excited and forget, but I like learning. Miss Sellars keeps trying to take my paw to give me a biscuit- I’m not sure about this yet, but I do like biscuits, so might keep trying.

I’ve really enjoyed spending time at home, but I was excited to see my friends at school again. Miss Sellars now has to wake me up to go to school- I love my bed now! I’m really looking forward to meeting more people when I can, especially if they will throw my tennis ball for me!

I'll update you all soon, woofs and cuddles for now.

Sherlock Bones

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