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Primary School

Curriculum Information

Shetland class:


Shetland class has a very active term planned. 


English - In English we continue to focus on our daily reading and phonics activities. Our class novel this term is The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom McLaughlin. We will use this as a stimulus for learning about verbs and sentence structure this term. Our extended writing opportunity will be to create a UK fact file which will link to our topic this term. 


Maths - In maths, we will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction. In addition to this we plan to have a daily maths activity to increase students confidence in the subject. This term we are focusing on time.


Science - Science this term is the topic Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The students will learn about waste, how it is produced and will look at the ways we can reduce it. We will also learn what our carbon footprint is and how scientists measure it. We will then learn about the impact this has on our environment and wildlife. At the end of the unit students will think about ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint. 


Topic - In our topic unit this term we are looking at the geography of the UK. We will begin by studying physical features of mountains, rivers and seas and then will move onto man-made regions and counties. We will then study how the UK has changed over the course of history. 


RE - In our RE time we will be learning about Buddhism. We will look at the key aspects of the religion as well as where Buddhism originated and special places for Buddhists. We will then focus on learning about the important symbols in Buddhism. 


PSHE - Our PSHE unit will focus on relationships. We will explore friendships, what qualities a good friend has and how we can maintain friendships. We will also look at bullying and how we can resolve disputes.


Pilgrim class:


Maths - We will learn about the place value of numbers up to 10 million, where appropriate and move on to addition and subtraction using more formal methods later in the term. 


English - This term, we are covering word classes - nouns, verbs, adjectives and conjunctions. We will also read each day using Accelerated Reader to quiz after each book and ensure we have understood the story. Students will access phonics or spellings sessions three times a week and we will also write a report about Ancient Egypt.


Topic - Our topic is Ancient Egypt and we will be learning about mummification, tombs and the pyramids. We will also explore the geography of Egypt, using our map skills to locate Egypt and begin to learn about hieroglyphics.


Science - We are learning about plants this term and will be studying both what a plant needs to grow and how plants reproduce in different ways.  


PSHE - Our PSHE topic will focus on friendship and resolving disputes.


RE - We will look at Harvest stories.


Computing - We will be learning about keeping safe online and screen time. 


Upland class:


Maths -  In Maths, we will be looking at place value, recognising digit values, ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000 and estimating and rounding up to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. 


English - As part of our English lessons, we are focusing on phonics, spellings, punctuation and grammar as well as reading at the start of each day. 


Topic - In our topic 'The Americas', we will be identifying North and South America on a map, using geographical terminology to describe the range of climates and biomes of different regions, as well as comparing the physical and human geographical features to the UK. This will lead into an extended writing task exploring the life of cowboys and writing a story about a cowboy character. 


Science -  Our Science unit is 'Living Habitats' and we will be sorting groups of living things, identifying vertebrates by observing their similarities and differences and using evidence to identify an invertebrate on a scavenger hunt.


PSHE/RE/Computing - In PSHE, we are looking at diversity in Britain, whilst in RE we are discussing creation stories within different faiths and exploring online safety in Computing


Canada class:


Maths - In maths, we will be learning about place value and the importance of being able to determine the value of each digit in a number as well as reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10 million.


English - In English lessons this term, we will be focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar and students will use their knowledge to write a story about cowboys in line with ‘The Americas’ topic. 


Science - This term in Science we will be learning about light, how we see, shadows, reflection and refraction. The class will learn how light travels and how this enables us to see objects. They will demonstrate their knowledge by making and starring in their own television programme. The class will have the opportunity to make a functioning periscope, finding out about mirrors and the angles of reflection and incidence. They will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate refraction, carrying out some fascinating experiments into the effects of bending light. Furthermore, they will have a chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into the visible spectrum. They will work in a hands-on way to explore how light creates the colours we see, designing coded messages. Finally, the class will learn about Isaac Newton and his theory of light and colour, performing a shadow puppet play about his discoveries and ideas.


Topic - In this unit about ‘The Americas,’ we will first find out about the continents of North and South America, and the countries that form them. The class will also look in more detail at some of the contrasting regions of the Americas, finding out about the landscape, climate and locations of each area. There is the opportunity to carry out a detailed fieldwork study of the children’s local area to help them to identify the similarities and differences between a region of the Americas and where they live. The class will also develop their map and atlas skills and practise reading and writing coordinates. They will learn about the ancient and new wonders of the world, specifically those of the Americas, and they will research a natural wonder of the Americas and create their own presentations to teach others what they learn. 


PSHE/RE/Computing - In PSHE, we are looking at diversity in Britain, whilst in RE we are discussing Creation stories within different faiths and exploring online safety in Computing. 


All primary classes: 


Forest School:

In Forest School this term, we will be making the most of the Autumnal Season and our students will have the opportunity to take part in activities such as picking blackberries to use in recipes in their food technology lessons and additionally using seasonal berries to make natural paints and dyes. We will also be making the most of the availability of other seasonal resources such as conkers, and using these for other natural arts and crafts projects, alongside some tool use to facilitate this.



Students will learn to use different tactics, skills and techniques to outwit an opponent within invasion sports alongside understanding rules of a match. These sports include, football, basketball, benchball, netball and rugby. 


Food Technology:

Students will be creating a range of seasonal dishes this term with a balance between sweet and savoury creations.



We will start with an introduction to Mandarin. Students will begin to learn some of the characters, be able to use simple greetings as well as learning about some symbols linked to China.



In primary music lessons this term, we will be focusing on the basic musical elements (pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo and texture) and developing our understanding of these through practical and listening tasks. We will also be learning some basic musical notation including how to draw a treble clef and notes values such as a crotchet, quaver, minim and crotchet rest in bars of 44  and 34

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