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Year 10

Curriculum Information for Year 10

Note: If you are not sure who your child’s teacher is for certain subjects or what option subjects your child is studying then please contact your child's form tutor for more information.


English (Dr Csengei): 

Having successfully completed their English coursework, learners in this group will be revising for the Cambridge iGCSE English language reading paper, then sitting this paper in early May. Following this, we will be starting the Poetry scheme for the Edexcel English literature iGCSE.


Maths (Mr Stephen):

We will start the term by understanding how to find the rate of change or slope of a function at a given point. We will then move onto learning about vectors and will finish the term learning about histograms. 


Maths (Mrs Tonkin): 

The class have now completed the Functional Skills Entry Level 3 curriculum including time, data handling, the four functions, fractions, decimals, estimation and converting different metric measurements. They are now working on individual programs building their strengths as well as any topic they feel less confident in. We will be regularly completing practice exams in preparation for sitting the exam in late May.


PSHE (Mr Watkins): 

During the final term, learners will be discussing and exploring topics around LQGTQ awareness, parenting styles, sexism and British Values. We’ll then move onto topics to do with homelessness, tattoos, hate crimes and our carbon footprint - please see our school website for further details.


PE (Mr Lee and Mr Green): 

This term, learners will be completing a summer term sports unit. They will learn what a summer sport is and will work on their fine motor skills to support movement and a healthy active lifestyle. We will also work on the skills involved when throwing, kicking and catching. Learners will take part in gameplay which will work on enhancing their social skills, communication and teamwork which all works towards the British values. Learners will also gain a clear understanding of how to officiate games so that they are fair and played by the correct rules. 


Option Subjects.


Biology GCSE (Mr Doza & Ms Allouis):

Within Biology this term, we will take a step out into nature with the extensive topic of ‘Plant Structure and Function’. This will be followed by revision for the mock exams at the end of June. 


Chemistry GCSE (Mrs McCran & Mrs Chagger):

This term learners will be covering the topics of how metals are extracted, mined and used followed by reversible reactions and equilibria. Finally we will be experimenting with transition metals, alloys and discovering how corrosion affects them. At the end of the year we will have some revision sessions for the Mock exams in June.


Physics GCSE (Mr Doza):

Within Physics this term, we start with the topic of ‘Astronomy and a journey into space,’ this is followed by learning about energy and the effects of forces.


Entry Level Science (Mr Doza & Mrs McCran): 

There are two entry level courses running both covering physics topics this term - 

Forces, movement and energy with Mrs McCran and electricity and magnets with Mr Doza.


Psychology GCSE (Dr Allouis):

This information will be shared in due course. 


History GCSE (Mr Miller): 

In History this term, we will continue our topic on Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39. We will be examining Hitler’s rise to power, the early development of the Nazi Party, the failed Munich Putsch and how Hitler reorganised the Nazi Party to try and take power by political means rather than by force. We will then look at how Hitler took advantage of the Great Depression in order to win votes and against all odds make himself Chancellor in 1933. We will also revise elements of Paper 1 and Paper 2 to prepare for the end of year mock examinations.


Computer Science GCSE (Mr Arnold):

This term, we will reinforce skills in coding that have been in development (in some cases) since year 9. Reading and writing to files will be a large element of this. We will also look at searching and sorting algorithms, understanding that some ways are easier to implement but less efficient in the use of a computer's resources. Having looked at Binary earlier in the year, we will progress to looking at some other operations such as Binary shifts and how to implement these and calculate the outcomes.


Design Technology: 

Learners are currently working on a range of different projects this half term, including designing a cushion cover, whilst we wait to welcome our new DT teacher, Mrs Beck, to the school in September. 


Creative Digital Media (CDM - Mr Rowntree):

Learners are working towards theory for their Digital Media Audiences & Sectors unit in preparation for their mock exams in June. They will also be working on the Planning and Pitching unit which is their second mandatory unit, which requires them to prepare for creating their Tentlee Tea advertisement in Autumn 2024.


Year 10 BTEC Music (Mrs Beardmore):

Learners will be working on the two final units of the course. Both are doing a sequencing unit using the computers and music software to develop skills and create a cover version. Some learners are also doing the composing unit, while others are doing a performing unit. One learner is also taking the Unit 1 Music Industry exam in May. Our hope is that as much of this work as possible can be completed by the end of the year which takes the pressure off in year 11 and opens the time up for further skills development in preparation for post 16 courses. 


Art (Mrs Easton):

This term, learners are working on their individual projects as well as creating stencils to work with the visiting spray artist. Some learners have also started their units for their Silver Arts Award which involves planning, delivering and evaluating their teaching sessions.

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