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Year 8

Curriculum Information


This term in maths we are concentrating on ratio and proportion before looking at multiplicative change. We will focus on scale factor and scale diagrams and solving ratio problems. Next we will be multiplying and dividing fractions before finishing with representing data and probability.



In English this term, we will be exploring Shakespeare’s Macbeth, focusing on context, themes and language, then using the knowledge to write PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) paragraphs. After half term, we will develop transactional writing skills, looking at formal and informal text. 



In Science this term we will investigate topics in biology, chemistry and physics. We will be learning in biology about food and nutrition and plants and how they reproduce. The very exciting topic of combustion is covered for chemistry involving some noisy experimentation! Fluids and how they flow and behave is our physics topic for this term.


Humanities: History, Geography & RE.


In History this term, we will start by finding out about the key events during the reigns of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I and how these Tudor kings and queens were involved in the Reformation and the religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants. After half term, we will investigate the life of Elizabeth I and her attempts to solve the religious conflict in England and find out how James I became king and the events surrounding the Gunpowder Plot.



In Geography this term, we will start by looking at an example of fieldwork and why it is important in Geography and how the use of Geographical Information Systems can help in the analysis and gathering of data. We will also look at the world’s and the UK’s changing population and how it is affecting planet Earth. After half term, we will be finding out about urbanisation around the world and in the UK, migration to cities from the countryside and life in the slums of Lagos. 



In RE this term, we will start by exploring some of the key beliefs of Sikhism including finding out about Guru Nanak, the Khalsa and the Golden Temple. After half term, we will be investigating some of the key aspects of Judaism including finding out about the Torah and Tanakh, Abraham’s life and the importance of Jerusalem.



Topics covered this term will include vaping, nicotine and addiction. We will then move onto how we can look after ourselves and others (first aid and personal safety). Other topics we will cover this term are cancer awareness, domestic conflict (including why people run away from home and the dangers surrounding this), teenage parents (why do they have it so tough and how this could be avoided) as well as what is stereotyping and prejudice. 



Spreadsheets will be the initial focus, building on skills learnt in year 7. After an initial re-cap of prior learning, we will move onto more advanced features such as countif, data validation, conditional formatting and creating charts that concisely and accurately convey meaning. During sustainability week we will consider the impact that technology is having on the wider environment. In the latter part of the term, we will look at security, including encryption.


DT (Design and Technology): 

The first topic is a bug hotel. Students will design their own bug hotel based on research of current examples and a specification in what it needs to do. Students will make the bug house and source natural materials for the interior. Once completed, students evaluate their work and suggest improvements.  


CDM (Creative Digital Media):

In Creative Digital Media this term, we will be using digital SLR cameras to take photographs around the school and learning how some of the functions of the camera can be used. The images taken will be adjusted in Photoshop to experiment with different editing techniques. Later in the term, students will create a small portfolio of images that reflect a theme of their choice and showcase some of the skills they have developed.



In year 8 this term, we will be building on our knowledge of musical notation and be learning about dotted notes and triplets in a variety of different time signatures and musical styles. We will be experimenting with these different rhythms in practical and listening tasks. After half term, we will be looking at Music in the Media - learning about how music is used in adverts, TV programmes, film and radio and we will develop our own music for a media product. 



During the autumn term, students will be looking at ancient Greek vases and learning about myths and legends and the ancient Olympics. The Fitzwilliam Museum visited Gretton on 15th September to assist with this. Students will be creating their own vase designs with mono prints of their own dragon designs and Greek style patterns. They will then create a  painting of their dragons.


Forest School:

In Forest School this term, we will be making the most of the autumnal season and our students will have the opportunity to take part in activities such as picking blackberries to use in recipes in their food tech lessons and additionally using seasonal berries to make natural paints and dyes. We will also be making the most of the availability of other seasonal resources such as conkers, and using these for other natural arts and crafts projects alongside some tool use to facilitate this.


After spending a few weeks building up a trusting, strong, new group dynamic, students will be introduced to the features of a playtext. Students will recap on the features of Panto, as studied last year, and then will spend some time reading the script for this year's Christmas production. Students will then choose to contribute to the production by rehearsing a part that will be performed or they will help with props, costume or set design. Others may choose to be part of the singing group or the technical team.



Students will learn to use different tactics, skills and techniques to outwit an opponent within invasion sports alongside understanding rules of a match. These sports include football, basketball, benchball, netball and rugby. 



This term, students will start to learn how to talk about their own hobbies and interests as well as how to ask and answer yes/no questions.

Food Technology: 

This term students will be covering a large base of cooking skills and processes needed to be able to approach cooking a variety of dishes. Also they will be introduced to the five main food groups and taught the correct terminology in which to address different ingredients. Also, as always we will be revisiting safe ways of working and the hygiene rules needed in a kitchen environment.


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