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Year 9

Curriculum Information

Note: If you are not sure who your child’s teacher is for English and Maths or what option subjects your child is studying then please contact your child's form tutor for more information.


Maths (Mr Williams and Mr Stephen):

This term in maths we will start by learning about straight line graphs before looking at forming and solving equations. We will then focus on testing conjectures and learning about three dimensional shapes. Later on in the term, we will be learning about constructions and congruence.


English: (Mr Sullivan and Mr Battersby):

In English this term, we will be exploring Gothic horror and how we can develop tension and suspense using English devices and techniques. After half term, we will start to read war fiction and non-fiction texts, including poetry and Anne Frank’s diary. 


English: (Ms Csengei):

In this half term, my group will be exploring the theme of "Into the Unknown" through learning about a variety of genres, including Gothic, Horror and Mystery. We will be reading and engaging with passages from well-known Gothic and mystery novels and short stories, paying attention to the features of the genre. Students will also be writing their own descriptive and narrative pieces following the genres' conventions. 



We will start by continuing to follow the key stage 3 curriculum and investigating biology topics in genetics and plant growth. We will experiment in chemistry with making new materials and in physics we will try to understand the concepts of force fields.



Topics covered this term will include what are the short and long term consequences of excess alcohol use, why do people take illegal drugs and what does the law say about drug use. We will also cover responsible health choices (for example blood and organ donors, stem cells and vaccinations), acid attacks (why are these on the increase and what can we do if we witness one), what is self-harm and why do people do this and finally what is peer pressure, why is it so powerful and how we can overcome it. 



In History this term, we will start by finding out how the Suffragettes fought for voting rights and equality during the early 20th century. We will then go on to examine the causes of the outbreak of the First World War. After half term, we will be finding out about some of the experiences faced by soldiers during the Great War, how the war came to an end and about the peace settlement that followed.



Students will learn to use different tactics, skills and techniques to outwit an opponent within invasion sports alongside understanding rules of a match. These sports include football, basketball, benchball, netball and rugby.



In Careers this term, we will be discussing money and the cost of living, this will include topics such as the cost of learning to drive and running a car, the cost of a weekly food shop in different supermarkets and basic budget management.


Option Subjects


Year 9 History GCSE Option:

In History this term, we will be looking at crime, punishment, law enforcement and different aspects of society in different periods of history from Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Medieval England and early modern England (c.1000 to c1700) in order to investigate change, continuity and to make comparisons.


Creative Digital Media: 

In Creative Digital Media this term, we will be using digital SLR cameras to take photographs around the school and learning how some of the functions of the camera can be used. The images taken will be adjusted in Photoshop to experiment with different editing techniques. Later in the term, students will create a small portfolio of images that reflect a theme of their choice and showcase some of the skills they have developed.


Year 9 BTEC Music:

Throughout this term, we will be covering some of the skills required in the course and especially developing our composing and sequencing skills using Logic Pro X on our computers. We will also start our learning about the different jobs within the music industry. 



During the autumn term, students will be looking at  ancient Greek vases and learning about myths and legends and the ancient Olympics. The Fitzwilliam Museum visited Gretton on 15th September to assist with this. Students will be creating their own vase designs with mono prints of their own dragon designs and Greek style patterns. They will then create a  painting of their dragons.



After spending a few weeks building up a trusting, strong, new group dynamic and covering the demands of drama in year 9, students will be introduced to a variety of classic Christmas Panto scripts and be involved in the process of choosing this year’s. Students will recap on the features of Panto as studied last year and will be key contributors to performing in the Christmas production. 


BTEC Sport:

Students on the BTEC sport course will be studying four units to complete the qualification. This term, students will be focusing on unit 6 of the BTEC Sport which is called ‘Leading Sports Activities.’ This unit involves talking about successful sports leaders and what makes/made them successful as well as their achievements. Also as part of this unit of work, students will lead and review a coaching session. 



For Psychology this term we will cover the topics of Memory and Perception including key research studies and investigations. In memory, we are learning about the structures and processes of memory: how memories are encoded and stored, the different types of memory, and how memories can be altered and changed. During the second half of the term, we will be studying how we perceive the world around us through our senses, the nature of cues and direct perception, visual illusions and factors affecting our perception.


Food Technology: 

This term students will be introduced to the home cooking skills Level 1 BTEC course and will start to think about planning 1, 2 and 3 course meals. We will also revisit the eatwell plate in order to ensure that their planned meals/dishes fall inline with the eatwell plate. Also, as always we will be revisiting safe ways of working in a kitchen and following the hygiene rules needed in a kitchen environment.

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