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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Gretton School we use Accelerated Reader to support students in developing their reading skills. Pupils are assessed 3 times per year, where appropriate, to find their reading age and to support the teaching of reading. Pupils will be given unique targets and areas for development to help them improve their reading. All assessments on Accelerated Reader are digital and completed using a device such as a chrome book. 


Pupils are encouraged to read daily and make regular trips to the library, where a large range of books are available to suit all reading levels. Pupils are given a colour band which corresponds to their reading age and level and should choose from within this band at least 60% of the time. This ensures that books they read are motivating and challenge pupils to improve their reading and provide opportunities for class teachers to monitor their progress. 


Accelerated Reader also offers pupils the chance to complete a quiz after each book they read. The quiz helps them to show their understanding of what they read. We refer to this as comprehension. Rewards such as stickers and certificates are available for children who regularly access quizzes on Accelerated Reader and progress is monitored by class staff and the English Team. Children are able to move through the texts they read at their own pace and are given feedback after each quiz on their understanding. The program contains quizzes for tens of thousands of books, so pupils can quiz at home or at school with a large range of texts.


Since opening our new libraries on both the Manor Farm and the Rectory site and holding regular reading sessions with our therapy dogs, excitement around reading has increased. We aim to ensure every child is a reader and value this most important life skill. Pupils are given the chance each year to request new books for the library that match their interests and each class in Primary has their own class library too. 


At Gretton School we believe that reading is a fundamental life skill and are committed to ensuring that all children and young people become lifelong readers. Reading is a way to understand the world around us and without reading skills, other curriculum areas are limited. Along with phonics, our reading curriculum aims to improve the learning of all young people in our school.

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