Admissions Welcome

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision, and we are here to help – every step of the way.

Enquiries can be made via the enquiry form on this website, by telephoning the School admissions team on 01223 277438 and choosing option 2, or by email

Parent/Carers will be invited to visit Gretton at one our open afternoons in the first instance, please look at the list of open afternoon dates or contact the admissions team by email or phone to book a visit on one of these days.

We have a team of friendly, dedicated staff ready to help you through each step of the process from initial enquiry through to placement and transition to Gretton School.  So why not give us a call and see how we can help your young person today!

Meet the Admissions Team:


Ms Medeisiute

Transitions Support & Medication Coordinator


Mrs Onder

Referrals & Transitions Officer


Ms Overton

Referrals Administrator


Dr McCombie

Research & Assessment Psychologist

"I’d just like to say your assessment team are amazing.  I think this is the most accurate and in depth insight into ‘J’ that we’ve ever had "

- Parent

Should a formal request for placement be made, students papers will be reviewed to ensure criteria is met and we will arrange for a day or boarding assessment to be undertaken, if appropriate, and produce an assessment report detailing the placement offer and fees, if appropriate.

Once a placement has been agreed by the local authority, we will develop and implement a comprehensive transition plan working closely with class staff and parent/carers to ensure a successful transition to the school.

"My son speaks so highly of the school, he says all his teachers are kind and funny and none of them shout at him or force him to do things he can’t."

- Parent

Criteria for admission:

Students must have a final or proposed Education, Health and Care Plan and will be diagnosed with high functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. However, due to the variation in diagnostic terminology, students may be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, autism spectrum condition or autism.

Upon admission, a baseline assessment is undertaken and used in conjunction with students’ Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) to help develop Individual Education Plans, Behaviour Plans and, where relevant, Placement Plans.

These person-centred plans detail students’ individualised academic, leisure and therapy programmes. They also identify areas of ability and need, as well as personal aims and aspirations.

"I have to say it really was a refreshing change to have staff that really know what they are doing, and doing it right "

- Parent

For further information about any part of our admissions process please see our admissions policy or contact a member of the admissions team.

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