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Educational Psychology


The Educational Psychologist (EP) supports young people to access learning opportunities and enhance their psychological well-being, social, emotional and behavioural development.  


Psychology is the study of thinking, learning and behaviour.  An EP specialises in child and adolescent development and uses psychological models and theories to understand what might be happening in a situation to help to move things forward for a learner.

Childs Pyschologist
Child at Psychologist

The EP will provide training, work with groups, provide consultation and, where necessary, specialist assessment. Individual assessment may be requested to inform the learner’s EHCP, to support the annual review process, provide for exam access arrangements or to provide therapeutic work around an ASC diagnosis.


The aim is to formulate interventions to enable learners to progress and to work towards clear outcomes using the the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ process. The EP will work, where appropriate, in partnership with other professionals, school staff, young people and their parents/ carers.

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