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Welcome to our website!

It is my very great pleasure to work at Gretton School with some of the most unique and wonderful children and young people, they are without a doubt the people that make this school the fabulous place that it is.

All of our children and young people have a diagnosis of Autism, some with additional diagnoses too, and the school is set up to support each individual to reach their very significant potential.  


Alongside our commitment to delivering a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum, all of our staff have specialist training on - and some, a very personal experience of - Autism; and they are committed to making the school as inclusive, vibrant and supportive as possible.

We work hard to develop strong positive relationships with the students and these relationships form the basis of all that we do  to support their learning, development and growth as they make their way through Gretton School.

We cater for learners from 5-19 years of age, with the majority coming to Gretton as day students and a small number who also board with us during the week and benefit from a full waking day curriculum.  With a strong commitment to preparing young people for adulthood, our focus is not only on the academic progress of young people, but on their independence, social and emotional skills too.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, for more from me please visit our Open Afternoon page where you can view our virtual tour and an interview with me that our Year 11 ICT students orchestrated from start to finish.

If you are tempted to find out even more please do click on ‘Contact Us’ and get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

"We believe you have changed the course of our son’s life and we will never be able to express the extent of our gratitude to you”



"The Gretton School and 6th Form have supported O amazingly, he is happy, fun, caring and has nothing but praise and good things to say about his whole school experience – he says that it has been the best year of his life so far!"



"The Gretton School is an amazing school who has caught R as he was falling. You should all feel incredibly proud of the way you can change lives. Not just the pupils but their families too." 



Mrs Beth Elkins - Headteacher

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