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Art therapy:


Students do not need any prior experience or skill in order to do Art Therapy.  Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy using art as its primary mode of expression. The creative process encourages students to be more in the moment as they make art.


This may relieve anxiety, slow down anxious thinking and encourage experiencing and connection. Students may access therapy individually or in groups. The therapist creates a containing, non-judgemental space with regular sessions whose aim is focused on enhancing students’ capacity to learn by:

  • Developing communication and social interaction.

  • Exploring alternative ways (non-verbal and verbal) of expressing and regulating feelings.

  • Becoming more flexible, creative and able to symbolise.

  • Gaining self-regulation, insight and self-esteem.


Our 'Growing Together Gretton Tree' (pictured above) was inspired by our Art Therapist and created during Children's Mental Health Week in February 2022.


Students created the leaves of the tree by drawing around their hands and decorate them, adding positive words about things they are proud of, thankful for and aiming towards.


"Thank you to everyone who took part, it is so fab to see it all together." - Rebecca Kruller-Adams, Art Therapist 

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