CV-19 Contingency


Information for parents/carers:

The children at Gretton School remain our top priority and we shall continue to deliver the very best education possible during these unsettling times.


Therefore, from 1st June 2020 the school and boarding provision will remain open to children of Key Workers, vulnerable young people and - following Government guidance - Primary Classes and Year 10 students.  We will endeavour to continue to provide education, care and meals in as normal a way as possible.  There may be continued changes over the next few weeks and we will keep you up to date with these via this web page and direct emails.


We shall adapt our curriculum delivery in numerous ways, including Remote Education (RE). Remote learning is already live and in use across the school for those pupils that are self isolating or not at school. Pupils will be able to access a range of different lessons and learning materials as outlined below. We have been preparing the students for this.


We thank you for your continued support in what is a challenging time for everyone. 


Support for students:

We have asked all of our Teachers, who are either working from home or on site, to make full use of Google Classroom.


The lesson, the work and the communication with Teachers, Form Tutors and Teaching Assistants will take place through this provision and students will have access to learning throughout the day via different classrooms (depending on what is on their timetable). 


Form Tutors will also be setting up Tutorials online, so that they can make their daily contact with students and set them up for the day. In this way, they can also have online contact with their peers, to minimise social isolation whilst students are remaining at home. Where students have submitted work on Google Classrooms, this will be marked and feedback will be given to students.


Staff from school will be making regular contact with parents/carers and students at home and making sure that everything is OK; please don't see this as an intrusive measure - it is part of our continued duty of care to your children.


These will be testing times and we have not had to deliver education in this way before, so please bear with us and let us know what is working for you and your child, and what is not working, so that we can continue to make improvements.


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