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Year 11

Curriculum Information

Note: If you are not sure who your child’s teacher is for certain subjects or what option subjects your child is studying then please contact your child's form tutor for more information.


English (Mr Roberts):

In English this term, students will look at the introduction to the course and start to develop their diagnostic reading and writing skills further. They will explore purpose, audience and form and how we can communicate in a variety of formal and informal settings. After half term, students will revisit Macbeth to build on knowledge and study in greater depth, considering context, plot, staging and character. 


English (Ms Csengei):

In this term, the students within my class will be working on their descriptive writing coursework for the Cambridge iGCSE. Students will be asked to pick a picture and write a description inspired by it between 500-800 words. They will be applying various language techniques used for description, including adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification, adverbs, ect. Once this has been completed, they will be moving on to their narrative coursework piece, which consists of writing a story of the same length.


Maths (Mr Williams and Mr Stephen):

This term in maths we will start by learning about gradients and lines before looking at non linear graphs. We will then focus on expanding and factorising equations as well as changing the subject of a formula.


Maths (Mr Williams):

This term in maths, we will start by learning how to multiply and divide fractions. We will then move onto converting from a mixed number to an improper fraction. Next, we will move onto learning to calculate the volume of a shape. Lastly, we will learn how to measure and draw angles as well as calculating percentages.


PE (Mr Green and Mr Lee):

Students will learn to use different tactics, skills and techniques to outwit an opponent within invasion sports alongside understanding rules of a match. These sports include football, basketball, benchball, netball and rugby. 


PSHE (Mr Watkins):

This term within PSHE, we will cover the following topics. We will start by looking at how to persevere and how to avoid procrastination, why we need sleep as well as how sleep deprivation can affect us. We will also be learning about the difference between positive and negative risk taking and decision making as well as the dangers of gambling and online gambling. After this, we will learn about why our digital footprint is important, avoiding risky situations in the wider world and how to stay safe.

Careers (Mr Battersby):

In Careers this term, students will be completing the ‘Exploring Careers’ unit of the Level 2 ASDAN employability certificate. This will include researching careers that students may wish to pursue, discussing why students may want to pursue these careers and the skills that are required for these careers. 


Option Subjects


Chemistry GCSE (Mrs McCran):

This term we will be looking at the groups of the periodic table and what that can tell us about the behaviour of the elements within them. We will experiment quite intensively on the rates of reactions and consider the heat energy changes involved in the reactions.


Physics GCSE Mr Doza and Mr Gamble):

This term sees us looking upwards towards space and the astronomy topic. Following on, we consider the forces at work and how the forces affect other objects surrounding them.


Biology GCSE (Mr Doza and Mr Gamble):

This term the topic of animal coordination, control and homeostasis is covered. This includes the areas of hormones their control and hormone cycles. The regulation of the internal environment of the body with consideration to sugar and thermal levels. Lastly, we will learn about how the kidney functions.


Entry Level Science (Mrs McCran): 

We will learn about plants and ecosystems, looking at how plants make their food and the interrelationships within an ecosystem. Then we will be experimenting with electricity and magnets, finding out the principles of circuits and how to take electrical measurements. 

Next, we will learn about chemical reactions, rates of reactions and patterns which will provide the opportunity for practical work.


Design Technology (DT) Mrs Norris: 

Students are working towards their Level 1/Level 2 NCFE in Creative Craft.  

This term the focus is on developing knowledge and understanding around choosing and  using the correct tools for a chosen task and how to use tools safely with a developing awareness of Health and Safety in the workshop.  Students will also learn about raw materials aligned to the design pathway they have chosen.


ICT (Mr Rowntree):

This term, Information Creative Technology students will be finishing their preparation for the Online World examination which will involve theory and exam practice. We are finishing discussions about network systems and data storage and security. We will also start the audio unit which will allow students to create products using their own audio recordings as well as those from other sources.


Drama (Mrs Khairdean):

Students will be introduced to a Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ as well as a number of other more traditional pantomimes. These students, along with the year 9 students, will play an instrumental role in deciding which text we will put on. Students will then spend the remaining weeks blocking and rehearsing key scenes in the play by taking on the main characters. They will model and assist their younger peers in overcoming some of the challenges that are faced when putting on a whole school production!


Art (Mrs Easton):

Students are creating abstract compositions based on their chosen country. They are fusing images of a famous building, traditional food and other elements that their chosen country is famous for. These will then be painted and the designs extended onto the frames. 


Sociology (Mrs Porter):

This year 11 sociology class is covering the AQA GCSE in sociology.This term the class will study the sociology of education looking at explanations for the different educational attainment of students based on socio- economic class background, ethnicity and gender.

Following half term the class will study the sociology of the family. We will initially cover the diversity of the family in the UK and the sociological factors leading to this change.


Food Technology (Mr Carter): 

This term students will be working on their Level 2 BTEC portfolios in order for it to be submitted in December. This will include planning a two course meal that needs to be a balanced meal as well as identifying the skills and processes needed to produce the dish, working on costing of ingredients and keeping waste to a minimum. Students will also be asked to analyse their own meal as well as the meals of their peers. 


BTEC Sport (Mr Green): 

Students on the BTEC sport course will be studying four units to complete the qualification; however the two units they will be working on this term will be fitness for sport & exercise and applying the principles of personal training. The latter unit involves planning and reviewing a 6 week training programme as well as looking at the functions of the skeleton, muscles and cardiovascular systems.

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