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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium is additional government funding for students who are either looked after children or perceived to come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This funding is then used to boost the learning of students so that the gap between learners is narrowed and all students are then able to reach their full potential.

Evidence shows that the most effective schools achieve best outcomes through high quality teaching, strong leadership, a relevant and coherent curriculum, a culture of high expectations and targeted catch-up and enrichment activities. Intrinsic support in the basics can enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to catch up with their peers. Schools also influence how parents support their child’s learning and behaviour as they grow older and their needs develop. They can also help parents understand the breadth of possibilities open to their child and how their child can achieve their aspirations.

Key Principles for using the Pupil Premium Grant at: Gretton School 

  1. Gretton School has a commitment to raise achievements for students who are eligible for Pupil Premium and is determined to achieve this.

  2. Gretton School never confuses eligible students with low ability and strives to bring out the best in this group of students and support them to achieve the highest levels.

  3. Gretton School creates an overall package of support aimed to tackle the range of barriers including; attendance, behaviour, external factors, professional development focusing on improving outcomes for eligible students, improving the quality of teaching and learning, language acquisition, parental engagement, opportunities for first-hand experiences and development of literacy and numeracy skills.

  4. Gretton School directs resources and interventions to accelerate progress of eligible students and close the attainment gap compared to their peers.

  5. Gretton School ensures class teachers and staff know which students are eligible for Pupil Premium so they can take responsibility for accelerating progress and accountability is shared across the school.

Pupil premium is paid in varying amounts from different local authorities.​

Total amount received for pupil premium in 2018/2019: £5,749.58


Total amount received for pupil premium in 2019/2020: £3,490.00

Students receiving pupil premium funding have benefited from one or more of the following additional provisions:

  • Youth Chinese Qualifications

  • 1:1 interventions, including outreach support for students to re-engage

  • Photography equipment

  • Driving lessons (age dependent)

  • College courses and travel to and from

  • University visits

  • Weekly horse riding lessons

  • Reward outings

  • 1:1 Individualised sports sessions with staff

  • Additional and bespoke programmes

  • Specialist, additional input in class

  • Significant additional pastoral input 1:1 to support students back to classroom

  • 1:1 interventions for literacy and numeracy

  • Provision of upgraded and new outdoor play equipment to regulate behavior to allow students to fully engage in their learning and improve education outcomes

  • Enhance communication through social interaction.

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