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Year 7

Curriculum Information


In English this term, we will be developing descriptive and narrative writing skills. This includes using sensory description and devices. Later on in the term we will be analysing fiction using Goodnight Mr Tom or The Graveyard Book.



This term we are concentrating on number, starting with addition and subtraction in the context of data handling and measurement. We will then develop our skills in multiplication and division with a focus on factors and multiples. We will complete the term looking at fractions and percentages of an amount as well as equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Some year 7 students will be concentrating on number rules, partitioning, addition and subtraction before looking at comparing and ordering numbers and counting in multiples. 



In science this term we will investigate topics in biology, chemistry and physics. We will be learning about cells, tissues and organs, and also how our muscles and bones work in biology. Chemistry will see us understanding mixtures and experimenting on how we can separate them. The topic of energy will be covered for physics.



In PSHE, we will be looking at healthy living and its impact on our lives. The students will be learning about the importance of a balanced diet, the consequences of not having a balanced diet and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the second part of the Autumn term, we will be moving on to learning about relationships, identity and safety. We will be covering maintaining friendships, avoiding toxic ones, families and long term commitments, romance and teenage relationships, bullying or banter, bullying online and how to keep safe. All PSHE lessons will involve class discussions and will be taught at an age appropriate level. 


Humanities: History, Geography & RE.



In History this term, we will start by finding out about migration to Britain from the Stone Age to the arrival of Anglo-Saxon invaders. After half term, we will be looking at the events of 1066 and the Norman conquest of England.



In Geography this term we will be learning about maps and mapping with a focus on the United Kingdom. The students will be using a range of sources such as maps, globes, and aerial photographs, reading and interpreting maps, and using grid references and scale. Students will be consolidating and extending their knowledge of the world’s major countries and their physical and human features. 


In Religious Education, we will be learning about different religious festivals. Each lesson will be devised to educate the students on the belief and traditions of other religions. The religions that the students will be covering are Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Over the course of the autumn term the students will be learning why we have religious festivals, what they have in common and how festivals are celebrated from clothing to food.



We will be focussing initially on programming concepts of sequence, repetition and selection. Some will also look at creating functions. We will be doing this using a block - coding program.  During sustainability week we will consider the impact that technology is having on the wider environment. Later in the term, we will look at methods of communication, producing professional emails, posters with clarity and purpose and also create a simple web-page


DT (Design and Technology): 

The project for this term is Ugly Dolls. Students will design their own Ugly Doll, make and template and learn how to cut fabric correctly.  They will also learn basic sewing skills including different stitches and use the skills learnt to make and finish the Ugly Doll.  They will also evaluate their progress and have the opportunity to suggest improvements.


CDM (Creative Digital Media): 

In Creative Digital Media this term, we will be using digital SLR cameras to take photographs around the school and learning how some of the functions of the camera can be used. The images taken will be adjusted in Photoshop to experiment with different editing techniques. Later in the term, students will create a small portfolio of images that reflect a theme of their choice and showcase some of the skills they have developed.



In year 7 this term, we will be building on our knowledge of musical notation and be learning about dotted notes and triplets - how they work and how they sound. We will be experimenting with these different rhythms in practical and listening tasks. After half term, we will be looking at Music in the Media - learning about how music is used in adverts, TV programmes, film and radio and we will develop our own music for a media product. 



During the autumn term students will be looking at ancient Greek vases and learning about myths and legends and the ancient Olympics. The Fitzwilliam Museum visited Gretton on 15th September to assist with this. Students will be creating their own vase designs with mono prints of their own dragon designs and Greek style patterns. They will then create a  painting of their dragons.


Forest School:

In Forest School this term, we will be making the most of the autumnal season and our students will have the opportunity to take part in activities such as picking blackberries to use in recipes in their food tech lessons and additionally using seasonal berries to make natural paints and dyes. We will also be making the most of the availability of other seasonal resources such as conkers, and using these for other natural arts and crafts projects alongside some tool use to facilitate this.



Students will learn some of the skills that are so important to the foundation of drama. We will be working on concentration, co- operation and teamwork skills through a series of games and exercises. After half term we will be focusing on contributing towards our annual Christmas production. Students will learn about the genre of panto and understand a number of its features. Students will also have the opportunity to perform in the show. Others might choose to take on one of the other very important roles in the production process by helping with props, costume, set design or they may choose to be part of the singing group or the technical team.



Students will learn to use different tactics, skills and techniques to outwit an opponent within invasion sports alongside understanding rules of a match. These sports include football, basketball, benchball, netball and rugby.


For students who have not studied Mandarin before, we will start with an introduction to the language. Students will begin to learn some of the characters, be able to use simple greetings as well as learning about some symbols linked to China.


For students who have learnt Mandarin before, they will start to learn how to talk about their own hobbies and interests as well as how to ask and answer yes/no questions.

Food Technology:

This term students will be covering seasonal foods to show understanding of local produce and what ingredients are readily available to use in their food products. Alongside this, students will learn safe practices in a kitchen which includes covering the basic hygiene rules they will need to follow.

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