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As part of the ongoing transition plans for KS4 and KS5 students, Gretton staff work in collaboration with students, parents and Further Education providers to broaden learners’ understanding of the facilities on offer outside of Gretton School. There are a selection of qualifications within FE provisions including; Apprenticeships, A-levels, BTECs, Functional Skills and Supported Internships.

"After being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome I was put into Gretton. This has single handedly been the most important thing to happen for my development as a student and a person. The school has helped with my social and communication skills greatly, going from not even leaving the house to visiting a university with another student. I feel that it was only with Grettons continued support that university has become a realistic opportunity for me."


At Gretton School, our cohort of leavers can vary from year to year; this is due to the numbers of students in each year group and their interests and abilities. We have a holistic approach when it comes to giving our young people the Information, Advice and Guidance regarding their transition decisions post-Gretton.  The Careers department work with each student and their family to discuss the options available to them. Students have multiple opportunities to visit potential Schools, Colleges and Sixth Forms, as well as Universities.

"Through this robust transition planning, Gretton School has been able to keep my daughter in education. I'm glad she's not NEET." (Not in Education, Employment and Training). Parent

Gretton School has students from many Local Authorities. We know that one post-Gretton solution may not fit all, so we look for the best outcome for each young person, particularly looking within their Local area, to support a reintegration into their local community.  In the past, students have had successful transitions into both Further and Higher Education provisions. Although learners move on from Gretton, we continue to offer an aftercare service, to provide support to students and their families even once they have left. We are dedicated to ensuring that transitions to learners’ next steps are successful and positive.

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for my son. He's a changed boy since he started College and I have you to thank for it." Parent

Student Success Case Studies


Student A

Student A joined Gretton School where upon arrival he displayed high anxiety and needed to be accompanied everywhere by his 1:1 teaching assistant throughout the day. He also had sensory issues which presented difficulties with food, noise and smell. 

Throughout the intervening years, Student A has made tremendous progress; he is no longer in receipt of a 1:1 assistant, he travels independently – some days taking a train and bus outside of the City to get himself home – he has also planned and negotiated a visit to London using public transport, with minimal staff involvement.

Academically, Student A has achieved a B grade in GCSE English and GCSE History and has passed GCSE Maths and secured an E grade at AS English. He studied AS History, A Level Sociology and A Level Psychology in the Sixth Form and plans to attend university in London.

Student B

Starting at Gretton, Student B was a withdrawn and highly unpredictable young man, prone to verbal outbursts and unable to engage in school work. Over the years, he has grown and matured, and with the right support and coping strategies in place, he has been able to regulate some of his more extreme emotional responses.

Student B has grown into an open-minded and affable young man whose confidence and self-esteem have grown exponentially over the last couple of years to the point where he is now able to attend a work experience placement, take driving lessons and travel independently.

Academically, he has achieved passes in GCSE English and Maths and is working towards GCSE History, RE and English Literature. Student B is also a keen musician and enjoys playing as part of the school band. He has performed for audiences of pupils, staff and parents on multiple occasions and regularly attends music festivals and events with his friends and family.

Student C

Student C arrived at Gretton and since then he has grown and matured in a myriad of different ways. When he first started, he presented as a shy and anxious young man who was extremely resistant to being taught or doing academic work of any kind. This resistance began to dissipate over time ,as relationships were built with peers and staff.

As a result of these relationships, coupled with a solid support network which he did not have in his previous setting, he began to engage academically. Alongside his academic engagement, Student C also attended Cambridge Regional College one afternoon a week where he was able to learn vocational skills such as motor mechanics, catering, horticulture and woodwork.

These sessions suited his learning style and allowed him to feel a sense of achievement which boosted his confidence and self-esteem, in turn, helping him make friends back at school.

Student C enjoys coming to school; this is obvious to us from the way he enters the classroom in the mornings to the way he interacts with staff and peers. As a result of this he now takes very little time off school and is on track to achieve in his forthcoming examinations.

"Brilliant school. Best decision ever for my son to go here." Parent

Gretton School holds an Alumni event, a forum where ex-students are able to share memories with the current Secondary and Sixth Form students. The range of students who are invited back come from varied cohorts; leaving Gretton at different stages of their studies and returning to share their individual experiences.


In giving this valuable feedback, the Alumni are able to relate to and communicate directly to their student peers. This is a vital opportunity for the  students to boost their confidence and self esteem as well as a chance to be able to empower and enlighten younger learners from Year 9 to Year 14. This experience can be too intense for some students with increased anxiety of being in large, busy environments within the groups of people, so the event is additionally streamed on Google Hangouts. Students are able to ask burning questions and get honest answers about life beyond Gretton School, to help piece together aspirations of their own.

"These men were boys when I first met them. Look at them now! They have all embraced opportunities post-Gretton, accessed the support we signposted them to and applied the skills that we taught them. I am so proud to have been part of that journey and I am looking forward to hearing how it all unfolds." Ms Brooks, Educational Psychologist

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