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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 2024

We are delighted to share the highlights of our recent Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) expedition, an experience that was as rewarding as it was challenging. This year, our group of intrepid explorers showcased remarkable determination and teamwork while camping, cooking, cleaning, and embarking on two long treks through the heart of the countryside.

Cooking meals over portable stoves proved to be a delightful challenge. Teams prepared a variety of dishes, from hearty stews to simple pastas, learning the importance of nutrition and energy on an expedition. The aroma of cooking food wafting through the campsite became a source of comfort after long days of walking.

Learners all spoke about their fondest experiences of Gretton and how they discussed their best memories of each other. It was a very wholesome evening by the fire.

The centrepiece of our expedition were the two long walks. The first day's trek took us through rolling hills and dense woodlands, testing the students' navigation skills and endurance. The second walk, a more strenuous route, led us to breathtaking viewpoints and across challenging terrains. Each step was a testament to the learners' perseverance and team spirit.

We are incredibly proud of our learners for their dedication and resilience. This DofE expedition was not just about covering miles, but about discovering inner strengths and building lasting memories.

Congratulations to all participants on a job well done. Thank you to all the staff that made this trip possible.

Well done!

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