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Gretton students celebrate A Level and BTEC success!

Gretton School students are celebrating some fantastic A Level and AS results this morning.

Ian Thorsteinsson, Principal of Gretton School, said “We are very, very proud of the young people at Gretton who have worked so hard, overcome such adversity and, in most cases, overcome large gaps in their educational journey to achieve so well.

“For our AS and A2 candidates who sat the exams to achieve a 90% pass rate, and 100% pass rate at BTEC level 3, is fantastic.”

Gretton School would like to take this opportunity in particular to wish Christian Chelland all the best in his move to Aberystwyth University, and all of those leaving us or remaining to continue their journey here.

Beth Elkins, Assistant Head of Secondary, commented “I am delighted with these results. As all of our students are on the autism spectrum, and have other significant challenges in learning and managing learning environments, their achievements here today cannot be underestimated.

“As many of these students have missed large parts of their schooling, and some only finding Gretton School late in their scholastic career, to have got to this point at all needs celebrating.”

Congratulations to all the students and staff.

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