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Year 9

Curriculum Information

Note: If you are not sure who your child’s teacher is for English and Maths or what option subjects your child is studying then please contact your child's form tutor for more information.


Maths (Mr Stephen):

This term, our curriculum will focus on developing essential mathematical skills across various domains. In the realm of numeracy, learners will engage in "Reasoning with Number," honing their ability to analyse and apply numerical concepts. Additionally, they will delve into the practical applications of mathematics through "Using Percentages" and "Maths & Money," fostering financial literacy and problem-solving skills.

Geometry will be a central theme, where students will explore "Reasoning with Geometry." This involves critical thinking and problem-solving within geometric contexts. The term will also cover "Rotation & Translation," enhancing spatial awareness and geometrical transformations. Furthermore, learners will dive into the principles of "Pythagoras' Theorem," exploring the relationships within right-angled triangles and their applications in real-world scenarios. 


English: (Mr Sullivan, Mr Battersby, Dr Csengei):

In English this term, we will be studying one of Shakespeare’s tragedies, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Learners will look at the plot of the play and the context in which it was written. We will then look at Shakespearean sonnets, how they are constructed and how Shakespeare uses language throughout the play. This language analysis practised throughout this term will lay the foundation for the iGCSE course.



This term we have started the taster sessions for GCSE separate sciences. We are working them in rotation so by May half term all groups will have covered the following topics:

  • Forces and Motion

  • States of Matter and Separating Techniques

  • Key Concepts of Biology

As always lessons are delivered as theory sessions as well as class practical work in the laboratory. 


The curriculum this term is centred around topics from the living in the wider world and mental wellbeing section. They include debt, different finance options, banks and debit/credit cards, alongside growth mindset and how we manage stress. For further information, please visit our school website. 


In History this term, we will start by finding out what life was like for people in Britain and Europe between the World Wars and the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship. After half term, we will be looking at the build up to the Second World War, the growth of fascism in Europe and the Nazi Party in Germany.


This term we are studying health related fitness in which we will test the learners on their different components of fitness; strength, power, speed, reaction time, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength and balance. Learners will test in weeks 1 and week 7 and in between they will look at different health related fitness sessions they are able to use to show improvement on their component of fitness. We will be completing circuit training, FIIT class, continuous training and Fartlek training to provide knowledge of exercises students can use to lead a healthy active lifestyle before retesting. 


This term learners will begin learning about post 16 options, this will include discussing College, Sixth Form and mention University. This will allow learners to begin to consider their plans for the future. Learners will also be using the schools new careers software Xello to create profiles and begin to explore and research potential future careers.

Option Subjects.

Year 9 History GCSE Option:

In History this term, we will be looking at crime, punishment, law enforcement and different aspects of society in two different periods of history: in the 18th and 19th centuries (c.1700 to c1900) and from c1900 to the present, in order to investigate change, continuity and to make comparisons.


Creative Digital Media: 

In spring term 1, learners will experiment with different audio recording technology and learn what devices might be used in different situations. They will use this knowledge to help record their own projects as practice towards the Audio unit for their BTEC Course. They will add sound effects and music to their recordings and learn how to mix sounds for their products using Adobe Audition.


In spring term 2, learners will experiment with video equipment in preparation for making a short video product. They will use different cameras to record footage that will be edited using Adobe Premiere. This will help prepare them for their Digital Moving Images unit for their BTEC Course.


Design Technology:  

Learners will be learning about safe working practices in the workshop. This will include carrying out risk assessments or a broad range of tools and equipment and will be observed using tools and equipment correctly and competently in line with the projects they make.  Projects will be based on individual interest around textiles and woodwork and learners will be gaining a more in depth knowledge of the full design process which starts to prepare students for awarding body expectations around portfolio building and assessment content.


During the spring term, learners are looking at Roy Litchenstein, the Pop Artist, and creating large 3D letters to be decorated with comic book style onomatopoeia words and images. 

Those who have not produced the portrait project in year 7 will be creating comic book style portraits using primary colours, black outlines, Ben Day dots and thought bubbles. Once these are complete they are going to learn how to draw features following a step by step guide. They will then draw a portrait in an Expressionist style adding shadows and tone. This portrait will be transformed into a WANTED poster by adding cowboy hats, cactus, a sunset sky behind and of course the WANTED and REWARD message. 


Those who have done either of the above will develop their drawing skills when creating portraits. Drawing a portrait is challenging and there is always more to learn and practice. 


Learners are working towards their next LAMDA exam in Acting. Learners will pick 1 set piece and 1 own choice piece and will be taught through a variety of practical workshops on methods and techniques of how to lift their text from page and make it ready for the stage.  


I will enter the students on the 9th February and their exam will be on the 23rd or 24th March (time and day will be confirmed 2 weeks prior). 


BTEC Sport:

Over the course of the term we are moving on to learning aim B of the BTEC sport Unit 6- Sports leadership. This will entail the learners beginning to plan a session in which they will lead independently to peers or staff. Learners have the choice of the sport they wish to lead and will create a warm up, drill and match play in which they will have an objective and an outcome for their session to measure the success of their delivery and plan prior to self review. 

Food Technology: 

This term, students will be continuing the home cooking skills Level 1 BTEC course and will be planning 1, 2 and 3 course meals as class groups . We will also revisit the eatwell plate as a class in order to ensure that their planned meals/dishes fall inline with the eatwell plate. As always we will be revisiting safe ways of working in a kitchen and following the hygiene rules needed in a kitchen environment. Learners will also be partaking in more independent practical lessons.

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