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A Generous Donation

Late last week Gretton School, was very generously donated a large aquarium for the new site. Kevin from Juwel Aquarium kindly delivered a Juwel Vision 450 for students to enjoy. Some of the students who currently maintain the two tanks in school have a major project ahead!

Students began looking into costs of the set up, including; what types of substrate and plants to use, types of fish within the community, whether the fish can be trusted not to eat each other and potentially look at different designs to help with easy maintenance.

We look forward to this new challenge in the next term. If students would like to share their ideas and participate in this project please contact Mr Rowntree and Mr Chagger.

Staff at Juwel have expressed that they would love the students to enjoy the tank and hopefully some may become interested in learning more about fish in the future.

The Careers Department takes this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to Juwel Aquarium for this generous and much appreciated gift.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of this new addition in the new term to our new site!

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