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Abbey Fields Retirement Home

On Thursday 21st March two of our SILVER ARTS AWARD students visited “Abbey Fields Retirement Home” in Girton to sell greeting cards they had made. There are lots of different components to the award but the leadership module requires them to run their own enterprise. Charlotte and Kane sourced and purchased the materials required to make their cards. They then got in touch with Abbey Fields and organised the event.

Christine Roberts and Karen Metcaff, who used to work at Gretton, were there to greet the students and introduce them to the staff and residents of Abbey Fields.  The residents were very impressed with their card designs and interested to find out more about each student and their plans for the future. Our students chatted to them and during the course of their visit (which was actually less than an hour) they managed to sell 42 greeting cards! The students have reinvested a quarter of the funds to purchase more blank card packs and split the profits between them!

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