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Astounding Reading Skills

In June 2021 Canada Class embarked on a joint venture (in the midst of the pandemic) with our Specific Learning Difficulties team (SpLD) to improve their reading skills.

Last week three girls were assessed... The results are astounding!

In less than 6 months...

Student One has gone from reading age 6 to reading age 8

Student Two has gone from reading age 6 to 7+

Student Three has gone from reading age 5.5 to reading age 7+

Huge well done to all the staff surrounding these learners to get them to the point they are today, and an even bigger well done to our fantastic students for putting in the hard work to achieving these results.

Staff have said:

"That’s what it’s all about! Well done everyone! Now they have two libraries to bury themselves in books!"

"This is just fabulous! Great work!"

"Wow!!! What fantastic news."

"Absolutely amazing! Go Team Canada and SpLD! Very proud of the girls too!"

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