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Bringing the Open Afternoons to us: Colleges visit Gretton School

Navigating through a sea of information and open days is something all young people can find overwhelming; not to mention the unfamiliar sights, sounds and pressures that are endured by those with autism when choosing their next steps after school.

On Wednesday 26th November, representatives from 8 colleges were invited to attend a College Open Day, hosted on home turf at Gretton School. 

“It’s about making young people more aware of what’s available for them - giving them knowledge of what comes next, and showing them that there is something out there for every individual,”said Mr Chagger, organiser of the event.

By coming together in the pupils’ own familiar space, college representatives were able to help them explore a wealth of opportunities in further education. Representatives were invited to give a short talk about their provision, followed by an opportunity for young individuals and their families to visit their stands. 

Each presentation was also streamed live in classrooms around the school, giving special insight to pupils whose anxieties prevented them from attending the event.  

“In our students’ minds, it can be very intimidating to think about moving onto somewhere brand new, until they see for themselves what that looks like and how each of these different places work,” explained Ms Giddings.  “Every college has different courses, teaching styles and a range of support, and we want to open the eyes of these wonderful young people to see what they can achieve.”

We would like to thank Mr Chagger and all those who helped put this event together. Your hard work is invaluable to our students' futures. 

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