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Cavendish Football Tournament

On a cold and windy Wednesday at the end of March, Gretton staff and students travelled to Wilds Lodge for the Cavendish Football Tournament, the first of a now annual event.

Gretton arrived with a team of 10 players feeling optimistic after enlisting the training expertise of Mr Greygoose's St.Neots Superstars and premier sport for their recent training sessions.

Gretton was captained for the first time by experienced veteran Chloe with knowledgable first officers Kenzie and Isaac leading the Gretton debut's Dawit, Montague, Ruth, Richard, Oliver, Oscar and Anthony.

Gretton were thrown straight into the opening match against the tournament favorites and came up short, suffering a loss in the opener. Things did start to improve as Chloe made the switch from GK to Mid scoring two goals against Quorn Hall School's team, ultimately Gretton suffered a narrow loss. Gretton kept persevering through the remaining fixtures against the Wild Lodges reds and stripes but ran out of gas and both games ended in defeat.

It was a hard day at the office for an inexperienced Gretton side with most of the team only recently taking the time to play football. With some more training sessions and the welcoming back of Jehu, Henri and the development of the Key Stage 2 football team this Gretton team will be back every year with eyes on that trophy.

A special shout out to Oscar, although he prefers picking the ball up in his natural habitat of rugby. Oscar was praised for his amazing attitude and determination throughout the tournament playing every minute and leaving no blade of grass untouched. He was awarded Player of the Tournament and it was truly deserved as he really showed exceptional sportsmanship for his teammates and the opposition.

Mr Lee said: "I would like to thank all of my KS3/KS4 students who attended the football tournament, it was a privilege to see how you managed yourself, helped one another and never gave up. We go again..."

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