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Children's Mental Health Week 2022

The theme this year was 'Growing Together' and encouraging children and adults to consider how they've grown, and how they might help others to grow.

As part of Children's Mental Health Week our Art Therapist invited students and staff to join in with a visual project with a view of creating a 'Growing Together Gretton Tree' to be displayed on the board near the PE Hall on our Manor Farm campus.

What did they have to do?

  • Draw around hand on paper.

  • Students drew/wrote on their paper hand something that they feel proud of, or are working towards, or feel grateful for.

  • They decorated their hands how they like. Student led self-expression. Then cut it out.

  • The idea is that everyone’s hands become the leaves of the tree.

As well as showcasing some awesome creativity, they have shared some wonderful positive words about things they are proud of, thankful for and aiming for.

"Thank you to everyone who took part, it is so fab to see it all together." - Rebecca Kruller-Adams, Art Therapist

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