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Christmas Jumper Day

Next Friday 11th is SUCH a fun time of year - our annual Christmas Jumper Day! Wear your favourite Christmas jumper and donate what you can to Save The Children, suggested donation £1.

DO - have fun, donate what you can and enjoy the day!

DON'T - go and buy a new jumper, why not find an old one and Xmas it up with tinsel, glitter and all the baule baules!

For some people in the world, fun days like this just don't exist.

Here's why our target is at least £210... just look at how far that can go and how many lives could benefit. Between us all - even if every person in our Gretton Family, staff, parent/carers logged on and donated just 50p - we could achieve this! Lets make a difference and donate, no matter how small an amount.

£210 - could equip 200 children (that's nearly double the amount of students at Gretton) in Indonesia with everything they need for school

£100 - could buy a first aid kit for a health worker in Somalia

£60 - could pay for toys and books to support children from struggling families in the UK

£30 - could pay for learning materials for a child so they can keep growing at home

£10 - could pay for antibiotics to help five children beat malnutrition

£6 - could buy a face shield for a superhero health worker in Yemen

Raising money for Save The Children - To donate online visit our Just Giving page, there will also be a coin collection pot in reception on the day and added to our Just Giving total after.

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