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DT Poppy Brigade!

Mrs Taylor O'Farrell has been working hard this term, from organising the collection of plastic bottles, to sterilising them, cutting them, and preparing them for students - it's all been worth it!

Students have been helping transform empty plastic bottle ends into the most beautiful display of poppies to remember fallen soldiers at this poignant time of year.

The bottle ends have been crafted over this last term and this week found a final resting place out the front of Gretton School to enable to local community to enjoy also.

As students placed their poppies in this display they named and remembered the 31 fallen soldiers of Girton, as well as all the other soldiers and families affected that we remember at this time of year.

It's a wonderful memorial, and looks truly beautiful we are sure you will agree.

Big thanks to Mrs Taylor O'Farrell and all the students who contributed to make this happen.

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