• Laura Lyles

Forest School

A guest blog by our very own Forest School Leader, Jessica Rain.

After returning after the Summer break we were welcomed by an abundance of nettles. Whilst nettles offer a haven for wildlife, we don't need quite the amount that greeted us on our return!

I got to work strimming the nettles so the paths were clear and you could see the log circle once again. We have some work happening in Forest School very soon which will hopefully provide us with a longer term management plan so that there are larger areas which are nettle free, so watch this space!

Once the site was accessible again I was able to run a staff training session. As you can see the staff had a lovely time and learnt lots of new skills including juggling with sticks, putting up ropes, lighting fires and how to teach safe tool use.

Our sessions this week have been surprisingly hot so the learners have enjoyed the cool space beneath the trees, laying in hammocks, exploring the pond and playing on ropes. We have even spotted a sign that Autumn is on its way!