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Gretton's Great GCSE Results

Our results are in and have been shared with parent/carers, staff and not forgetting our amazing students who have achieved such fantastic results under very difficult circumstances.

All students successfully received their centre assessed grades from their teachers, without any downgrading from the exam boards. This resulted in a 100% pass rate for all subjects taken! English Language received the top grades - 100% pass rate, with all of these at grades 4 - 9. Our remaining core subjects improved on last year too. Science achieved a 100% pass rate, with 67% of these at grades 4 - 9, and Maths jumped significantly to a 100% pass rate with 89% at grades 4 - 9.

Mr Thorsteinsson, Principal, is thrilled with this year’s results; “It really has been an emotional roller coaster, hasn’t it? We are, nonetheless, at the end of it, and couldn’t be more proud of our students. They worked incredibly hard and have achieved amazing things from their starting points. They have - without exception - had disrupted school journeys to this point, and to be able to report 100% pass and 89% 9-4 results just fills me with pride at their character and resilience.”

Our newly appointed Headteacher, Mrs Elkins, says “Today at Gretton has been buzzing. 100% pass rate!! I couldn’t be happier for our students who have worked so hard and have been so committed to getting their best possible grades. The lockdown of course had an impact; we were all so unsure about the grading systems and this has obviously been borne out in the recent media, but despite all of that ‘noise’, the students at Gretton have shown the world just what they are capable of. So many of these learners came from broken-down school placements and yet... their capacity to learn, their interest and curiosity for their subjects, their resilience and their generally wonderful natures have enabled them to achieve and I couldn’t be more pleased for them!

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