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Gretton's Makeover

Over the summer our wonderful facilities team, who have been working very hard alongside our superb team of staff, have grafted tirelessly to provide some exciting new spaces for our learners.

It has been the busiest summer holidays Gretton has ever seen, with workmen and staff scattered around both sites getting everything in place. Staff worked tirelessly last week making everything functional and looking beautiful in time for the start of school this week.

We are so excited for everyone to have the opportunity to view our new facilities in person, in the meantime we wanted to share some images with you of some of our changes.

Music and Drama are now in the Amadeus Performing Arts block (previously known as the Green Block) over at the Manor Farm Site and we are really looking forward to seeing you all over here (if we haven’t already).

We will soon be bringing you all news of our Christmas Panto (...oh yes we will!) including opportunities for how to get involved! WATCH THIS SPACE!

The music room is still based on our Manor Farm site, though it has now had a revamp and is situated in the Amadeus Performing Arts Hub, alongside Drama and Photography. Creating the perfect space for collaborating between the subjects.

Our outdoor space has had a majorly exciting new addition too! You may have seen some posts on our social media pages and website about our Artisan Play Equipment project which was completed over the holidays.

Well, what can we say, the students welcoming the opening of the Artisan Project with open arms is an understatement!

Mrs Brocklebank says: "I don't think I have looked over at the play structure once all week and seen it empty! Students have enjoyed climbing, hanging, swinging, imagining and risk assessing like never before!"

This structure was carefully designed with every student's needs in mind and after observing a few classes use the equipment it looks like it really does cover it all.

Students wasted no time in exploring this wonderful structure in the glorious late summer sunshine.

Welcome to our new Sixth Form

What an amazing week it's been! Seeing all the students come back and settling into Sixth Form has been wonderful. In Sixth Form we want to encourage independence. We want the students to feel comfortable as well as gain a good level of independence and confidence during their time with us.

We now have the luxury of an amazing new kitchen, where they can help themselves to hot drinks and snacks but also have that independence of clearing up after themselves.

The plan for our new space was to ensure that every student had a quiet place to study or just a place where they could go to chill on their own or with their peers.

We have two classrooms where our students can go to do their independent study or have some quiet time if they're feeling overwhelmed. Both classrooms were designed to make the students feel comfortable and relaxed, a place where they can feel safe.

Then, of course, we've got the common room where we can all come together, have a hot drink and snack, to share a laugh at the start and the end of the day. We've had so many lovely faces come see the new Sixth Form, so if there's anyone interested in coming up to Sixth Form next year, please don't hesitate to come have a little sneak peak!

Students have taken to the changes in a really positive way so far this term and we look forward to welcoming visitors in the coming weeks to see these new updated facilities.

For prospective parent/carers who are interested in seeing how our school could benefit your child, please contact us or book a visit to see for yourself.

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