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Here Come the Girls

We began a Girls Group to be held weekly back in 2018. It's a space for our female cohorts, including those who identify as female, to get together. It's a fantastic enhancement for them and their interests and identity.

They do various activities each week, with lots of chatting. The activities are decided by those who choose to attend each week. Sometimes it's colouring, or card games, once they held a Nail Party and staff got to come and get a manicure!

We are thrilled to say Girls Group returned to Gretton on Thursday this week and was thoroughly enjoyed by all, safely and observing the social distancing guidelines of course. They gathered in an empty, large classroom so they could space appropriately.

The girls were all very happy to be back in the Girls Group! They loved the bigger space we have now as we met in the Adler classroom.

They talked about what mental health is and how it is mental health awareness week next week. The girls helped out cutting the displays for the #HelloYellow YoungMinds fundraiser displays which will go around the school. They talked about wearing yellow next Friday. They also discussed their ''resilience power'' and how this can help them cope with feelings.

Who/What helps me to do/have this power ? / How does this power make me feel?talking to adults = less anxious and makes me feel better

crying = makes me feel better

climbing = confident and able to concentrate on things

spending time with my pet = makes me feel happier

They also discussed what they would like to do for this term in the Girls Group. They all want to make teddy bears. We look forward to updating you with how this task goes!

If your child would like to be a part of Girls Group, they should let their form tutor know and they will look into this for you.

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