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Kettles Yard Visit Art Students

On Friday 11th December, Imogen, from Kettles Yard Art Gallery came to visit. This was arranged for back in the summer but unfortunately, due to covid, her visit was postponed.

At the beginning of each session, Imogen told students about Kettles Yard House and Gallery. They learned how Jim and Helen Ede wanted people to enjoy art in the relaxing environment of their home. Imogen showed them images of Kettles Yard House with famous paintings and sculptures set next to everyday items in the home for example; plants, chairs and lamps.

Students were taught that light was the most important part of each room and how the light and shadows were a central consideration for Helen and Jim.

Imogen set up a display of items then shone a torch to demonstrate the sun moving through the day, how the light catches the displays in the house and then creates wonderful shadows.

The students each made their own designs out of cardboard. Mrs Easton blacked out all of the windows and doors and the students shone torches to create shadows on the walls to explore the way the light falls, the shadows this creates and the space left.

The students really enjoyed this visit from Imogen and Gretton School would like to thank Kettles Yard for coming along and providing such an interesting session for our young learners.

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