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Morgan Sindall Visits Gretton

Last academic year while the Art, DT and Science block was being built, Mrs Easton facilitated a building project during the student's Art lessons. They have been looking at famous buildings around the world and focusing on some of the famous buildings more locally in Cambridge too.

Mrs Easton invited an education outreach member from Morgan Sindall to come into school and run a series of workshops to teach students a little bit about the construction industry. Due to the pandemic it had sadly been postponed several times but finally on Monday 2nd November, Helen Clements arrived at Gretton with her flat packed wooden school!

During the sessions, Helen explained the different job roles that are required throughout the different stages of constructing a building. Students were asked questions such as "Why do you think you need to wear a hard hat and metal toed boots while working on a construction site?" Prior to each section being assembled, students learnt about how and why foundations are dug, the role of the brick layers and how the roofers attach their tiles. The emphasis was on the fact that the construction industry is about teamwork and everyone's roles being equally important to finish the job together.

Helen thankfully had the time to repeat the session four times during this visit, all of our KS2 students were given the opportunity to take part. Students enjoyed meeting Helen and learning through a hands on practical experience.

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