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New Forest School Ranger Applications Open!

We would firstly like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our rangers for another fantastic year! We must bid a sad farewell to three of our rangers this term as Lucy, Noah and Nathan who will be leaving us. We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of them. They have been an integral part of our forest school over the years and have formed some very positive relationships with the younger students. We really will miss them and we know many students will also. We want to wish them all the best in the next part of their journey and they are welcome back for a visit with us anytime!

So... now we need more Rangers!

Due to these current Rangers leaving Sixth Form, we have the opportunity for those in Key Stage 4 and key Stage 5 who are keen to experience forest school more frequently to join as a Ranger and to build relationships with the younger students in a mentor role.

For new Ranger applications the students will need to write a letter of interest to explain why they want this role. They will then have an informal chat with us to ensure it is what they expect and if they have a preference over which class they support. Then we will chat to class staff about the timetable and when they would be able to join a session.

Class staff will speak to the students about this opportunity but we also encourage parent/carers to have a chat at home about this opportunity too. It is fantastic for their CV and is great for them to have experience as a mentor outside of a classroom setting.

Please contact us if you need any further information about Rangers, the code of conduct is below.

Forest School Ranger - Code of Conduct

  • Help forest school staff organise the equipment to set up forest school and to help tidy away after the session.

  • Try to be a good example to the students throughout the session.

  • Follow the forest school agreements for assisting students when using tools and any equipment whilst at the forest school site, this sets a good example to the students. However, you will not be responsible for this, a member of staff will always be present if a tool is out.

  • Wear appropriate clothing to suit the weather, including a change of clothes and footwear, coat, warm layers when needed and waterproofs when needed.

  • Bring a drink to keep hydrated if you wish to.

  • Let the students lead their play, you can of course join in but let the younger children lead the play.

  • If you are going to miss a session, try to inform Jess and Sonia.

  • Always tell the staff if you see or hear anything that is a cause for concern or you.

  • Take time out if you personally need to whilst at forest school, this is ok.You can sit by the fire and have a chat with students or lay in the hammocks!

  • Let staff support students if they become heightened.

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards nature and share your own curiosity and interests with the youngest students.

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