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Outdoor Classroom - Phase One Complete

We are extremely excited to have completed Phase 1 of our project with Artisan Structures.

The Outdoor classroom has been completed and is looking absolutely stunning! We wanted a rustic, natural look which gave character and inspired.

They have also teamed up with 'Wonderwood' who have weaved a beautiful willow fence to divide our new Outdoor Learning area from Forest School.

We have also had a wonderful bench created and some balancing stumps.

We still have lots of plans for this space, lots of seeding of wild grassess and wild flowers and a space for the learners to engage in planting and growing, so watch this space!

"I am so pleased that we have this fantastic resource, it will be so lovely to see more classes able to take their learning outside and widen the curriculum using our wonderful natural environment that we are so lucky to have at Gretton." - Jessica Rain

Our Forest School has also had a mini makeover. We now have a wonderful wooden construction over the log circle which allows a tarpaulin to be put up to provide shelter on the rainy days and shade on in the summer! This has been very welcomed by all the learners and especially our Forest School Leader, Jessica Rain:

"To know that even on the wettest of days, that we have a warm, welcoming space to offer the learners, to sit around a fire and listen to the rain drops on the roof above is priceless. I hope this makes the forest school even more accessible to our learners who may struggle with the weather or find the sensory aspect of being outdoors a little challenging."

We look forward to sharing our Phase 2 progress with you soon!

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