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Past students... where are they now?

As another academic year ends we thought it would be nice to share this information about some of our previous learners. To celebrate their successes and highlight the wonderful work our staff team do day in day out to achieve outcomes for our students.

So many staff work with our young people over the years and often wonder what happened to them, hoping they are ok and curious to know what they have achieved since they left us.

We thought it would be nice to share some outcomes for a selection of those who have left us, names redacted for their privacy.

Recently I went and met 'T' at College. We shared a coffee in the canteen. Whilst at Gretton, 'T' could not access our dining room due to his anxieties around the sound of people eating and the smells of the food. 'T' is enjoying his College course and settling in really well. He's made friends and travels with another peer on his course everyday on the train to College.

For anyone who knew 'N', like many of our learners, he had a rigid plan: he was going to Hills Road Sixth Form then Cambridge University to study Linguistics purely for the prestige! Eventually he went to Cambridge Regional College to study Computing Level 3. He is now the Student Union President. If you happened to pick up a copy of the College prospectus you will see him in there!

'L' enrolled at a local College in Essex to study Animal Care Level 2. From there, he progressed to Level 3. He called me last month to tell me that he has been given an unconditional offer to Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus to study Zoology.

Finally, just as inspiring as our learners above and a very proud moment for us as a school.

We have 'C'.

'C' is our first Gretton Sixth Form student to go directly to University and graduate!

'C' joined us in Year 9 after completing his GCSE's in Year 11, he studied 3 A-Levels at our Sixth Form. He spent three years (due to changing a subject) working incredibly hard to complete these to the very best of his abilities and, as a result of his dedication, he was accepted to his first choice of University in Wales. Very recently, we were made aware that he has just graduated with a First in Mathematics! Not only that but he won an award from the University for being in the top 3 of his year and another from the Institute of Mathematics and its applications for having the best grades of his entire year. Earning himself free membership and the ability to use AMIMA at the end of his name!

‘C’ is currently looking for jobs in the Data Analysis industry.

“A little shoutout to Megan Humann (6th form coordinator), as much as we tried to prepare him for not being the best, he was right! He was! So, so proud.”

- Mother of ‘C’

"I would like to thank Mr. Udeh particularly, who was my A level teacher for all 3 subjects. He gave me the perfect mindset for studying mathematics going into university and I learned everything I know from him."

- ‘C’

It's so important to us to keep this communication flowing to our staff and parent/carers. I share some of these success stories with you as a reminder that is it your hard work and persistence that is helping build this reilience in our learners.

Below is the Destination Data for students who are leaving Gretton School and Sixth Form.

We have had 14 students leave us this year and the graph below shows where they have gone on to next.

The Careers Department will continue to share destination data with you all, so watch this space!

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