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Settling In - By Sherlock Bones

Boy! What an exciting week I have had at Gretton School. I'm enjoying all the new sniffs and the humans I've met seem to really like me!

Sometimes they sit at their desk and work, and sometimes they sit on the floor with me! It's great fun. I really like everyone I have met so far.

I like to chew, yes I really love to chew, my bestest thing to chew are my toys. Sometimes, if the humans leave things on the floor, I will give it a go to see how it feels and tastes.

The humans take me outside for my toilets, they say 'good boy' to me a lot so I guess I am doing ok. I love my blanket and have had some super sleeps, it gets tiring being this cute, the humans really love all the puppy play. I feel at home here already.

After my weekend with mummy Sellars, I can't wait to come back and meet even more humans and have even more sniffs around the place.

If I haven't met you yet, I look forward to it soon. As I'm only 8 weeks old I may have to wait to meet all the student humans until I turn 13 weeks old and have had my vaccinations to keep me safe. Be ready for lots of fun and cuddles when I can visit all your classrooms!

Have a nice weekend everyone, I'll keep you pupdated on my 'tails' at Gretton School soon!

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