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Sherlock's Summer

Sherlock has been having a wonderful summer break so far!

He's been a busy pup, eating lots and growing by the day. He's already getting excited to see all the learners and staff in a few weeks time.

Sherlock says:

"I've been really enjoying lots of trips to see my human friends and my doggy friends. Like lots of humans around the country, I have been enjoying various staycations to make the most of my break. I have headed to the beach, I love it. I really ove the sea!! It cools my paws down so nicely, such fun.

One thing I was a bit wary of whilst at the beach was what humans kept calling 'waves', it was big wooshes of water that came from the sea onto the beach! I loved the sea but I did run away from these waves... and then went back to them... and then back again. It became a fun activity in the end. I'll work them out eventually...

My human mumma always makes sure I have a soft towel to dry off on too. People call me a 'pampered pooch' which sounds fun but I don't know what it means. Anyway... woofs and pup kisses for now. I'll see you all soon!"

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