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Special Interest for Staff

Staff held their weekly training this week as usual on Tuesday from 4pm - 5pm... with a twist!

The wellbeing team wanted to offer staff a chance to learn something new from their colleagues, or just spend some time doing things they enjoy. So this session was our very own Special Interest, which our students benefit from weekly every Friday.

There was a wide choice staff could choose from to join in with;

Art - Printing Polyblock prints

Forest School - hosted a 'fire, tea and marshmallows' session on site

Food Tech - sausage roll & banana bread making

Sherlock Time - naturally involving cuddles!

Music - African Drumming

Science - Screaming Jelly Baby, heart dissections

PE - Benchball

Meeting room - tea, biscuits & chat

Feedback for this training session was very positive, a chance for staff to learn, connect and further understand our student experience.

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