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Sports Day July 2021

Wow what a day! Wednesday 7th July saw staff and students attend Gretton's Sports Day.

School was BURSTING with excitement as the afternoon came, when students piled onto the field for a fun filled afternoon of sports activities.

The day started off grey but quickly a rainbow of colours was seen as students made their way to the astroturf proudly showing off their team flags and tops they had made especially for the day. The creativity shown in their designs was spectacular.

Students danced to their first events, clearly enjoying the music.

There were a total of 20 events ranging from sprints, throws, jumps, archery and water balloons. The hard work that students put into lessons during the build up to sports day was apparent.

Student participation was at an all time high and there were lots of superb examples of both teamwork and student individual performances. Students were competing both as individuals and as a class.

The effort, determination and skill shown was incredible.

Many students have medals for their events and the much anticipated class participation trophies went to:

KS2 Messi

KS3 Tesla

KS4 Hopkins

There was laughter, bellies full of strawberries, and joy on all the faces that made this a sports day to be remembered and a highlight to the year.

We were very sad not to have had the field full with the cheers of parent/carers and look forward to next year where we can open it up to you all to come and enjoy once again. We thank you for your understanding and support, we do appreciate how difficult it must have been to have missed out on this event.

A big thank you to all staff for supporting and helping on the day and to Ms Ambrose and Mr Lee for organising a wonderful afternoon for our learners.

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