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Student Council Take Action

The primary students in the school's student council had a meeting with Mr Adams, our Regional Maintenance Manager, last week regarding the maintenance within the school.

The students were Arianne representing Upland, Henry representing Brent and Callum representing Canada. They were prepared for their meeting and thoroughl enjoyed grilling Mr Adams!

All the students were very mature throughout and came up with ideas and solutions for some problems they had noticed in and around the school.

We asked Mr Adams how he felt the meeting went and this is what he had to say:

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet with the School Council and to receive their feedback and thoughts on a vast array of topics. Generally speaking I am not a big fan of Monday morning meetings but this was both enjoyable and informative. Please pass on my gratitude for being invited, welcomed and included in the council's meeting. I am available to attend as and when you or our Student Council deems necessary." - Mr Adams, Regional Maintenance Manager

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