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Theatre Trip to see The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

On the 5th of May a group of Drama students set off on a trip to the Norwich Theatre Royal to see the award winning production of The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night Time by Simon Stephens adapted from Mark Haddons novel. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip (despite a slight hiccup with our Coach journey) and all of the students were beautifully behaved. Jess wanted to share her very insightful take on the day, we do hope you enjoy it!

Theatre Trip to see The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time Written by Jessica from Wiltshire Class, a Year 7 group.

We started the trip with the coach which we were meant to be on breaking down, so we waited 10 minutes for a new coach to arrive. We walked on the coach, I sat 2 rows from the back and surprisingly I was sitting by myself on the left side of the row. I only had a box or bag put next to me and I liked not being squished up against anyone for most of the coach ride. I was looking at my phone partly, looking out of the coach window at the cars and trees outside. It looked beautiful, sometimes I'd listen to everybody chatting on the coach.

I stare at people a lot, that's probably why some people give me weird looks. The only reason I do it is just getting familiar with people and areas around me. When we arrived I looked out the window to see where the building was, everybody got off the bus at the same time as I did, it was so bright out it looked like no place I'd been before. I walked in the building with all of the kids in my class. While I was getting really excited, we all walked up some stairs and into the largest room I've probably ever seen.

We walked up some stairs on the side to row K, I walked excitedly with everyone else to an empty seat. I sat next to Sawyer and a second person who was from a different class. I don't know many people from different classes. He was wearing a black hoodie and I couldn't see his face because of the hoodie. I looked around at everyone who was chatting or looking at the stage, it had square shaped lights all over the corners and the edges were glowing white.

Mr. Moclair was giving a few sensory toys to a few students, he was about to give me one when the lights went black and the show was starting, Mr Moclair went back to his seat while my head went to the stage faster than lightning! Then… some very loud music played, I thought I was going to go deaf while the box lights started flashing in an eye-catching way.

The play started with someone shouting something which I wont even repeat about her dog being murdered with a garden fork. A boy named Christopher is trying to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington, the dog and then Christopher found out a big secret when his dad hides his book, he lookes under his dads bed and he finds his book and some letters from his mother who his dad told him had a heart attack and died. He realised that his mother wanted to apologise to him because she thinks he’s angry at her when he didn't even think she was alive.

He travels to London alone while almost getting hit by a train when jumping on the tracks when his pet rat Toby escapes, he finds the pet rat and two strangers save him from being murdered by a train. Christopher gets to London and finds his mother and a few more things happen. In the middle of the show there was a break called an interval, I had just got out of the row when my bag handle broke, I got some chocolate ice cream it was delicious. I realised that the boy in the hoodie liked Peperami I love Peperami so that's something I have in common with someone I don't even know.

I walked back to the seat I was in before and watched the rest of the show. I was getting a little bored and was stretching a lot near the end when I saw outside my eyes were on fire like when you wake up and see bright lights. I'm pretty sure everyone could see it! We got back on the coach to be thrown out of it for a photo, I am the one on the left in the grey shirt. We all got back on the coach and I sat in the seat I was sitting in before.

I waited for everyone to be seated, staff gave out some sandwiches in bags. There was ham and cheese and jam, the only thing I would eat was cheese so I got a cheese sandwich and a water bottle and chocolate cake which I almost choked on. I bit off more than I could chew! I went on my phone and realised it wouldn't work. My mobile data must have run out, then I looked and the renewal date which was the 14th.

Then I'm thinking; sketchbook. I drew a few drawings, one looks like I have no idea, I draw random stuff a lot, a little while later my phone still refuses to work properly. I get bored so I stare at everyone. In the coach two people entertained the whole coach by blasting out the song “never gonna give you up” out of their phones, also they were having a staring competition.

Behind me, when we arrived what felt like hours later, I got off the coach as fast as lightning, I walked to mum happy to be off the coach after 2 hours. Me and mum got in the car and drove home.

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