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Training & Task Forcing

Staff were welcomed back to school on Tuesday 1st September for staff training including Safeguarding, Risk Assessments and Health and Safety. Everyone came back refreshed from their summer break, fueled up with caffeine and raring to go!

On Wednesday 2nd September, the school came together again, split into a few groups, for various training sessions and the 'Task Force' leapt into action - cleaning, organising, tidying, more cleaning and generally getting ready to welcome back our wonderful students the following day.

Staff worked tirelessly - resting only briefly to sample Chef Henry's delicious lasagna before getting back to the grind and making our classrooms as warm, welcoming, and covid proof as possible for our students.

Now benefitting from two sites, the 'Task Force' were split between the Rectory Campus and Gretton's original site. We are thrilled to be welcoming students in KS4 and KS5 to the Rectory Campus this week and look forward to updating you with progress on the magnificent building as it develops!

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