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Wiltshire Class Enjoy Therapeutic Art Session

During Tuesday morning's Art lesson this week, class staff and Mrs Easton stood back and surveyed the scene; one of our year 9 class of students were adding mod roc to their cardboard robot models and smoothing the plaster down. It was clearly a really therapeutic and calming experience because they were all totally and utterly engrossed! There is a chemical reaction that happens when plaster mixes with water - it heats it up. The warm temperature coupled with the smooth texture makes the process a very therapeutic and enjoyable sensory experience.

Mrs Easton said; "this lesson was one of the highlights in my whole teaching career, it was magical to see them all so completely focused and in an almost meditative state for the duration of the whole lesson!"

The lesson really helped improve the students sensory regulation and enabled them to focus on the task at hand without being easily distracted - they also, importantly, had fun while they did it!

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