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World Book Day 2022

On Thursday 3rd March, Gretton School participated in a World Book Day like no other!

Mr Lee had the phenomenal idea of Mrs Elkins dressing up as Cruella DeVil with as many staff members as possible joining in and dressing up as her Dalmations. To say this was a success is an understatement!

The photos say it all, the enthusiasm of our staff knows no bounds. A tremendous effort that the students all thoroughly enjoyed.

Below are also details of what else we got up to as a school community on this special day where we remember to take time out and pick up a book!

Book Designing

A huge thank you to all of the students who entered the competition to design their own front cover and blurb for their favourite book. We were overwhelmed with the creativity and care that had gone into the designs! It made it really tricky to judge.

The results are:

KS2/3 Winner: Duncan from Tesla Class

KS2/3 Runner-Up: Sawyer from Wiltshire Class

KS4/5 Winner: Harry from Darwin Class

KS4/5 Runner-Up: Oscar from Harper Class

Well done and thank you to all involved!

Our second competition was to have a picture of you enjoying a book in the most bizarre place.

Well done to the winner - Stanley from Upland Class for reading in his bedroom cupboard!

Stop & Read

At 11am, students and staff alike stopped what they were doing and picked up a book of their choice and read for 5 minutes. This was a success as the Gretton community fell quiet (well, mostly..) for a moment and lost themselves in a book. We recommend trying this at home!

Dressing up... of course!

For the students & staff that chose to, they made a tremendous effort and thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters. For the students (and staff) who chose not to dress up, this was absolutely fine too. The important thing was the reading - and we had such a brilliant response to our Stop & Read 5 minutes.

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