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Axe-ellent 6th Form Trip

By Mr Parnell

On Tuesday 8th June, the Sixth Form students enjoyed learning about life in the wilderness and in the process, sussed out how to nail a bullseye on a wooden target with various bladed tools.

We had an ‘axe-cellent’ day amongst the pines in Thetford Forest learning from the inimitable ‘Ray’ of ‘Back to Wilderness’ who taught us the technique and how to tweak it in order to improve our throws.

Within the tutorial Ray expertly wove subtle life lessons and related them back to the activity with expert prowess. The students greatly enjoyed the experience and learnt more than they were expecting to.

Thankfully there were no ‘axe-cidents’ and we all made it to the end of the session with all limbs intact.

As a reward for such hard work and ‘sharp’ focus throughout, we decided to ‘rel-axe’ with an ice cream and a cold drink purchased from the nearby cafe. A highly enjoyable day for all involved and one to recommend to anyone looking for an ‘axe-tion’ packed experience!

Visit their website for more information.

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