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Dress For The Job You Want

During a Careers lesson, Applegate students were learning the importance of appearance during interviews. For example; uniforms in job roles, how to tie a tie, all life skills to help further themselves in an environment of profession.

The very next day, Ethan and Olly entered our classroom; Olly was in his St Johns Ambulance uniform and Ethan was wearing a brand new suit and tie. They had planned this together the night after the Careers lesson, they wanted to come in and prove that they could appear 'professional'.

Olly wanted to show us the way he has been taught, how to wear his uniform in the appropriate way, smart trousers and shirt tucked in. He explained the importance of the finer details being in-check, and said it can be unprofessional that if his shirt was untucked or had the wrong trousers on; this wouldn't be acceptable. Olly expressed how he understood it was important to wear his uniform properly and that when worn properly, it gives off a very impressive statement to others.

Ethan was extremely pleased with his new suit, looking very dapper, he said he felt extremely smart and that this would be his outfit of choice for any events that needed professionalism. We were very impressed with them both, we all felt proud of them and their professional attire; it was the perfect excuse for a photoshoot! Well done boys!

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