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Fresh Paint: Outdoor Sensory Circuit

At Gretton School, morning sensory circuits are a popular way for pupils to let off some steam before heading to lessons. These are normally set up in the PE hall, but thanks to the teamwork between form tutor Mr O'Neill and occupational therapist Dr Read, we now have a brand new outdoor circuit!

Mr O'Neill dedicated his week to painting a fresh circuit in the court-yard by Reception - available as soon as you walk in the front gate. A favourite feature is the block where you walk along the painted word 'ALL', whilst clapping your hands; celebrating the hard work of key workers all over the UK.

Check out the video below to see Mr O'Neill's hilarious example of the new track. Spoiler alert: the final platform is blank - can you guess what Mr O'Neill is planning to paint there?!

Did you take a guess? Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal, coming soon...

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