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Starting Gretton

By Jess in Wiltshire Class, Year 7

Following Jess' riveting review of the recent school trip to the theatre, she was approached to see if she would like to write some more by her class staff.

Jess hasn't disappointed, and has risen to the occasion spectacularly by writing about her first experiences when she joined us at Gretton back in February of this year.

We couldn't wait to share this with everyone. Great work, Jess!

"I started at Gretton School on Monday 7th of February. I was happy to be in school after being homeschooled for months after leaving my old school. I didn't know how I was feeling. It was a mix between excitement and worry.

The first class I did was Art, I was sketching eyes and noses and mouths for a wanted poster project, I was happy that there is Art on a Monday, I am undeniably an Art person. I like Gretton because it allows it's students to be creative with their work which I think helps with some of the kids who like to add something unique to their work.

After a few weeks of being here I've seen some kind of weird things like kids dressed in costumes in Year Eight. I'd never even heard of soft play before coming here. I also get along with more people than I ever did in my last school.

One of the cutest things that I've seen in this school is Sherlock and Skyler the two therapy dogs, Skyler is new to the school and Sherlock was here before I came.

As my classmates in Wiltshire might say I'm a bit quiet sometimes. I go almost silent for no reason or just when talking, my favourite place here is the sensory garden I like how there isn't kids running around everywhere. Most of the time the sensory garden is almost quiet and close to empty.

At first I didn't know any names of anyone and got Matthew and Tyler mixed up. I didn't know my way round, I still don't know where every classroom is. I do know where the main places are like my class, the lunch hall, the sports hall and the staff room. I don't know which one is real because two doors say staff room on it so hope I never need to go to the staffroom.

On the first day I brought in a small sketch book, I drew a drawing for each part of the day. I thought it was really funny.

I think that Gretton School has really helped with my confidence with socialising with others after being stuck homeschooled for months, thank you."

We approached Mrs Elkins, Headteacher, for comment on Jess' article and she has said the following;

" I have to say I welled up a little bit. She is so articulate and what I am reading says that Gretton has already made a huge difference to her sense of friendships and belonging. It is just absolutely delightful. The voice of the learner is incredibly important and she could just be our number one copywriter! I am immensely proud of her and just really thrilled that she has come to our school."

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